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The Straw Ox by Ukrainian folktale

The Straw Ox by Ukrainian folktale Ukrainian folktale  There was once upon a time an old man and an old woman. The old man worked in the fields as a pitch-burner, while the old woman sat at home and spun flax. They were so poor that they could save nothing at all; all their earnings went in bare food, and when that was gone there was nothing left. At last the old woman had a good idea. “Look now, husband,” cried she, “make me a straw ox, and smear it all over with tar.”––“Why, you foolish woman!” said he, “what’s the good of an ox of that sort?”––“Never mind,” said she, “you just make it. I know what I am about.”––What was the poor man to do? He set to work and made the ox of straw, and smeared it all over with tar.  The night passed away, and at early dawn the old woman took her distaff, and drove the straw ox out into the steppe to graze, and she herself sat down behind a hillock, and began spinning her flax, and cried, “Graze away, little ox, while I spin my flax! Graze away, little

Fairy tale : Androclus and the Lion

Fairy tale : Androclus and the Lion Fairy tales In Rome there was once a poor slave whose name was Androclus. His master was a cruel man, and so unkind to him that at last Androclus ran away. He hid himself in a wild wood for many days; but there was no food to be found, and he grew so weak and sick that he thought he should die. So one day he crept into a cave and lay down, and soon he was fast asleep. After a while a great noise woke him up. A lion had come into the cave, and was roaring loudly. Androclus was very much afraid, for he felt sure that the beast would kill him. Soon, however, he saw that the lion was not angry, but that he limped as though his foot hurt him. Then Androclus grew so bold that he took hold of the lion's lame paw to see what was the matter. The lion stood quite still, and rubbed his head against the man's shoulder. He seemed to say,-- "I know that you will help me." Androclus lifted the paw from the ground, and saw that it was a long, sharp

1985's - Consignment

  1985's - Consignment                 As we all know that the king of cocaine Pablo Escobar was been ruled over all the dark market in 1970s to 90’s. Pablo has a dream to show up his power all over the continents so, he was used to maintain a lot of his private consignment in all the 7 continents.                   One of his close men in those times use to send a special consignment to India in late 1985 as no one known a large piece of consignment has been storing in a large quantity. That consignment includes the latest weapons of 1985 like Ruger p-series, SA80, Beretta M9, Wieger StG-940,  Ruger GP100 etc. Ruger p-series SA80                     Beretta m9     wieger stG-940                            Even the condition of India was great Pablo for his deals because until 1985 there was no act against narcotics and other because later by end of that year the new act was passed by the parliament. So the circulation was stopped and that huge consignment was stored in an old

Fairy tale : The Serpent & the Eagle

Fairy tale : The Serpent & the Eagle short story for kids fairy tales  A Serpent had succeeded in surprising an Eagle and had wrapped himself around the Eagle's neck. The Eagle could not reach the Serpent, neither with beak nor claws. Far into the sky he soared trying to shake off his enemy. But the Serpent's hold only tightened, and slowly the Eagle sank back to earth, gasping for breath.  A Countryman chanced to see the unequal combat. In pity for the noble Eagle he rushed up and soon had loosened the coiling Serpent and freed the Eagle.  The Serpent was furious. He had no chance to bite the watchful Countryman. Instead he struck at the drinking horn, hanging at the Countryman's belt, and into it let fly the poison of his fangs.  The Countryman now went on toward home. Becoming thirsty on the way, he filled his horn at a spring, and was about to drink. There was a sudden rush of great wings. Sweeping down, the Eagle seized the poisoned horn from out his savior's h

Fairy tail : The Wolf & the Ass

Fairy tail : The Wolf & the Ass short story for kids Fairy tails  An Ass was feeding in a pasture near a wood when he saw a Wolf lurking in the shadows along the hedge. He easily guessed what the Wolf had in mind, and thought of a plan to save himself. So he pretended he was lame, and began to hobble painfully.  When the Wolf came up, he asked the Ass what had made him lame, and the Ass replied that he had stepped on a sharp thorn.  "Please pull it out," he pleaded, groaning as if in pain. "If you do not, it might stick in your throat when you eat me."  The Wolf saw the wisdom of the advice, for he wanted to enjoy his meal without any danger of choking. So the Ass lifted up his foot and the Wolf began to search very closely and carefully for the thorn.  Just then the Ass kicked out with all his might, tumbling the Wolf a dozen paces away. And while the Wolf was getting very slowly and painfully to his feet, the Ass galloped away in safety.  "Serves me right

Fairy tale : The Ass in the Lion's Skin

Fairy tale : The Ass in the Lion's Skin fairy tales  An Ass found a Lion's skin left in the forest by a hunter. He dressed himself in it, and amused himself by hiding in a thicket and rushing out suddenly at the animals who passed that way. All took to their heels the moment they saw him.  The Ass was so pleased to see the animals running away from him, just as if he were King Lion himself, that he could not keep from expressing his delight by a loud, harsh bray. A Fox, who ran with the rest, stopped short as soon as he heard the voice. Approaching the Ass, he said with a laugh:  "If you had kept your mouth shut you might have frightened me, too. But you gave yourself away with that silly bray." Short story moral : A fool may deceive by his dress and appearance, but his words will soon show what he really is.

Fairy tale : The Lion's Share

Fairy tale : The Lion's Share short story for kids Fairy tales  A long time ago, the Lion, the Fox, the Jackal, and the Wolf agreed to go hunting together, sharing with each other whatever they found.  One day the Wolf ran down a Stag and immediately called his comrades to divide the spoil.  Without being asked, the Lion placed himself at the head of the feast to do the carving, and, with a great show of fairness, began to count the guests.  "One," he said, counting on his claws, "that is myself the Lion. Two, that's the Wolf, three, is the Jackal, and the Fox makes four."  He then very carefully divided the Stag into four equal parts.  "I am King Lion," he said, when he had finished, "so of course I get the first part. This next part falls to me because I am the strongest; and this is mine because I am the bravest."  He now began to glare at the others very savagely. "If any of you have any claim to the part that is left," he g

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood little red riding hood A Young Girl lived on a farm with her parents. She loved to play with the farm animals. One day, while she was playing with the Hens and their Chicks, a Hen pecked her finger and bit it. “Oh, Papa!” the Young Girl ran to her father, crying and holding out her hand. The Young Girl’s father asked her, “My bonny little girl! What happened?” The Young Girl said, “Oh Papa! The Hen hurt me! I am so kind to them, yet one of them bites my fingers every time I go to play with them. They are not nice!” The Young Girl’s father took her small hand in his own large one. “The poor Hens think you have come to harm them or their little children. So they are scared of you and bite in fear. You should he careful. First play with them from a distance. When you become friends, then they will never bite you” . Her father continued, “My dear girl. You should try to understand and respect each creature. Even if they are not like us, they also have feelings and fe

"The Bat & the Weasels" Children story by Aesop's Fables

Fairy Tales "The Bat & the Weasels" Children story by Aesop's Fables short stories  A Bat blundered into the nest of a Weasel, who ran up to catch and eat him. The Bat begged for his life, but the Weasel would not listen.  "You are a Mouse," he said, "and I am a sworn enemy of Mice. Every Mouse I catch, I am going to eat!"  "But I am not a Mouse!" cried the Bat. "Look at my wings. Can Mice fly? Why, I am only a Bird! Please let me go!"  The Weasel had to admit that the Bat was not a Mouse, so he let him go. But a few days later, the foolish Bat went blindly into the nest of another Weasel. This Weasel happened to be a bitter enemy of Birds, and he soon had the Bat under his claws, ready to eat him.  "You are a Bird," he said, "and I am going to eat you!"  "What," cried the Bat, "I, a Bird! Why, all Birds have feathers! I am nothing but a Mouse. 'Down with all Cats,' is my motto!"  

Fantacy : CUPBOARD - the portal

               Once in a city there was a small colony, one day a new family shifts to that colony in that family there were three people Varun and his parents. In that shifting process they get a cupboard excess which was not noticed by them.                        So, they shift that cupboard to Varun’s room its look like an antic piece because, it is made up off a rock like material. Later they leave it there and move back to their work then Varun see that cupboard and get excites and open that inside it was empty then he again closed its door hardly.                         Then suddenly it releases a huge dust and get a voice over from that cupboard like this with a huge cough hey I am a portal of travelling then Varun get scared and slowly turn back and see that cupboard then he sees some full high-level display on that door then he questioned back like this.                  “Is that you speaking to me or any ghost?”, then he gets a reply like this “yes it’s me I am a port

A Desertion" short story by Stephen Crane

Fairy Tales "A Desertion" short story by Stephen Crane short stories The yellow gaslight that came with an effect of difficulty through the dust-stained windows on either side of the door gave strange hues to the faces and forms of the three women who stood gabbling in the hallway of the tenement. They made rapid gestures, and in the background their enormous shadows mingled in terrific conflict. "Aye, she ain't so good as he thinks she is, I'll bet. He can watch over 'er an' take care of 'er all he pleases, but when she wants t' fool 'im, she'll fool 'im. An' how does he know she ain't foolin' im' now?" "Oh, he thinks he's keepin' 'er from goin' t' th' bad, he does. Oh, yes. He ses she's too purty t' let run round alone. Too purty! Huh! My Sadie--" "Well, he keeps a clost watch on 'er, you bet. On'y las' week, she met my boy Tim on th' stairs, an'

"The Porcupine & the Snakes" Children Story by Aesop's Fables

"The Porcupine & the Snakes" Children Story by Aesop's Fables children stories  A Porcupine was looking for a good home. At last he found a little sheltered cave, where lived a family of Snakes. He asked them to let him share the cave with them, and the Snakes kindly consented.  The Snakes soon wished they had not given him permission to stay. His sharp quills pricked them at every turn, and at last they politely asked him to leave.  "I am very well satisfied, thank you," said the Porcupine. "I intend to stay right here." And with that, he politely escorted the Snakes out of doors. And to save their skins, the Snakes had to look for another home. short story moral : Give a finger and lose a hand.

"The Fox & the Monkey" Children Story by Aesop's Fables

Fairy Tales "The Fox & the Monkey" Children Story by Aesop's Fables children stories  At a great meeting of the Animals, who had gathered to elect a new ruler, the Monkey was asked to dance. This he did so well, with a thousand funny capers and grimaces, that the Animals were carried entirely off their feet with enthusiasm, and then and there, elected him their king.  The Fox did not vote for the Monkey and was much disgusted with the Animals for electing so unworthy a ruler.  One day he found a trap with a bit of meat in it. Hurrying to King Monkey, he told him he had found a rich treasure, which he had not touched because it belonged by right to his majesty the Monkey.  The greedy Monkey followed the Fox to the trap. As soon as he saw the meat he grasped eagerly for it, only to find himself held fast in the trap. The Fox stood off and laughed.  "You pretend to be our king," he said, "and cannot even take care of yourself!"  Shortly after that, an

"The Flies & the Honey" Children Story by Aesop's Fables

"The Flies & the Honey" Children Story by Aesop's Fables children stories  A jar of honey was upset and the sticky sweetness flowed out on the table. The sweet smell of the honey soon brought a large number of Flies buzzing around. They did not wait for an invitation. No, indeed; they settled right down, feet and all, to gorge themselves. The Flies were quickly smeared from head to foot with honey. Their wings stuck together. They could not pull their feet out of the sticky mass. And so they died, giving their lives for the sake of a taste of sweetness. short story moral : Be not greedy for a little passing pleasure. It may destroy you.

"The Stag, the Sheep, & the Wolf" Children Story by Aesop's Fables

"The Stag, the Sheep, & the Wolf" Children Story by Aesop's Fables Children stories  One day a Stag came to a Sheep and asked her to lend him a measure of wheat. The Sheep knew him for a very swift runner, who could easily take himself out of reach, were he so inclined. So she asked him if he knew someone who would answer for him.  "Yes, yes," answered the Stag confidently, "the Wolf has promised to be my surety."  "The Wolf!" exclaimed the Sheep indignantly. "Do you think I would trust you on such security? I know the Wolf! He takes what he wants and runs off with it without paying. As for you, you can use your legs so well that I should have little chance of collecting the debt if I had to catch you for it!" short story moral : Two blacks do not make a white.

AGATSYA-the story teller

                        Once in a city a family of four members were there, in that family father was a college principal and a mother and 2 kids. One of those kid’s story was this, his name was Agatsya he was quite active at his childhood later he became composed and start using fake smile for his conversations.                          We can also say that he became an introvert as he grown up, because of this he wasn’t made good friends or friend circle, he used to carry a lot of thoughts in his mind, he used to look cool for all and he also look like he had good social skills but his pain and loneliness were not known to anyone including his family.                        His emotions were never been exploited, in college he fell in love by seeing a girl but he didn’t express it to her so his love didn’t worked-out and he stayed single and he never liked to be an engineer but he never ignored his studies, he likes writing and he also had a great passion for poetry in Telugu