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                     After chanikya become the supreme authority of the syndicate he starts to run it an amazing manner and made a strong army in this process, Suddenly one day chan got a call from kriston but in that some new voice started the conversation then that guy says that kriston was died then he ask chan that he want to meet him personally then chan ask him to come to Mumbai India. 

                  Then that person say ok and start his journey, after reaching Mumbai airport he make a call to chan and ask him the location to meet him then chan ask him to go to a coffee shop in the left side of the boarding session. He went there and ask chan what to do then chan tell him to ask a sugarless cake then he ask the waiter in that coffee shop then waiter says ok and give him a car key. Then he moves from there and move to the parking slot then chan says the car model and registration number then he pick that car and move from there then chan share the location. He follows that route map and reach a car garage. That garage is belonged to chan then munna ask him to move back side of the garage then he sent him into a room and munna stays back.


                   Chan asked him to sit then chan ask him about the kriston death incident and ask him his name. that guy replies that his name is Aakash and he conveys that kriston was died in the investigation of uk mafia board. Then chan says ok and ask him about his details and he also ask that did he was not belong to any secret agency then Aakash conveys that he is a contract killer up to few years ago then he also says that he belongs to India. He started explaining his clear story that his father was a IPS officer and once on a investigation he went to Bihar as a special investigation team with his family to close the case of a Ips officer murder. 

                        While his family returning from Bihar in middle of the forest area, a gang of people suddenly fires on the car and pushed that car into a valley from that incident I have survived luckily with many hard injuries later I use to work in small shops and earn money in that age one person took me to a hotel and offers me a great food at that time I have not even had food for 2 days I am starving. After that he gave me a gun and ask him to kill a leader in party office then he says that he will give me a better life so I went there and kill him and other two people who tries to shoot me.


                               Then I believed in one thing that I can do anything for what I believe in, and if I make an oath, I can die for it or I will kill anyone who will try to stop me in fulfilling my oath. In this way I got up I became a contract killer and we both move to London then one day in the loacal streets I was going with him suddenly he enters into a hotel with hungry I ask him to stay there and I came out and moved to another shop for some reason suddenly a huge blast happened. I became senseless that blast happened in the hotel where I told him to wait, I cried a lot in my silence then hospital team take him to the hospital then I went there and doctor conveys that he was not alive then I again became alone I went to depression later I became an assassin in that process, I got a deal to kill a list of people for that I moved to there I met the kriston then I got to know about this syndicate then he ask to complete that assignment of killing that list of people as eligibility for becoming an agent.



             Then suddenly chan assistant gets a file then chan looks into it and ask him to stop his stories and he shows the file to Aakash and tell him that he belongs to RAW.


                     Then he say that what he said is all truth but his personal story was fake and he also says he was in a secret mission in that he was saved by kriston and at last minute of his death he asked to tell you that he was dead by giving his phone. Then chan gets a call.


                That call was from RAW chief he says that Aakash was on a mission in uk he was a key agent then chan ask chief to please suspend him and kill his identity. Then he ask is it a code black chan says yes and cut the call.

           Aakash look at chan with curious face, then chan says you are selected to our agency will you work he says ok. Then chan ask him to come with him and ask him to ride the bike by giving keys. Then they both move to their weapon house there chan check his skills and rate him with grades.


                  After all this at evening of that day they both sit in a café and have the tea and chan ask about his family and income and other stuff. Then Aakash says that his father was a lecturer and mother was a homemaker and he had a good income with a plenty amount of FD so financially safe and he also says that he was single no commitments as of now, then chan simply laughs and says you are cool and free headed you are perfect for this job all the best.


              Chan asked him to come to same shed tomorrow as early as possible your new assignment will be allotted and only we both going to work as a team from now and then chan leave that cafe later munna come with Aakash luggage and ask him to come with him and show his safe house and leave him there.

              After few years chan and him both worked there for so many cases and chan trained him as a best assassin. One day when chan was working in his garage he got a call from a unknown source and he lift the call and he listen someone saying “Breach line” and cut the call later he went to his office inside the garage and make a secure line and call back to number as of that code.


               Then he was got to know that Aakash was on the call and he was in some huge risk and he ask for some help then chan agrees and ask him to reach a local port and from there he assists him to get out from there and he arranges a set of passports of different identity and ask him to reach a small island there and get back to india.


                         After few days he get back to chans garage at midnight and he sneaks into garage then he was caught by munna and he recognise him and let him free then he reach chan and hug him and both get emotional share a brotherhood bond and chan observe some serious injuries and arrange a immediate medical assistance and help him to recover then after recover Aakash reveals that he was assigned on a mission in Colombia he successfully complete it and while he was returning from there he got a info as some old consignments from India were been shifting to international black market for a great exchanges as weapons and drugs.


                        So, he followed that and found that something huge they are planning and their plans were dealing from a small island near Pacific Ocean there he was unfortunately fell into a huge one man combat with that small group and found a huge hard disks and later he was escaped from there and reached to a huge cargo ship and there he steal a satellite phone make a call to chan and reached back to India safely.


                            Then chan take him to the syndicate and decide to help Aakash in solving the case then he assigns an analyst to erect data from those hard disks in that process that analyst found a huge sensible information then she ran over the chan cabin and handover him the files and he explains the data.


                  That few years back Russia sent a huge consignment of cryogenic engines and those were been not delivered to ISRO due to some issues so they were struck in a warehouse of an old local mafia leader near goa then recently they got a deal from black market that if they exchange them with huge drugs and weapons and money for that consignment.


                               As of now they got those engines and they were planning for a destroying all the satellite connections in space with a blasting material so they made huge commercial rocket some huge company had gave this deal to the top most mafia groups and they are also prepared with huge satellites for immediate replacement for damaged ones they going to sell them for triple the actual price and they are going to destroy the economic stability of the world so it leads to global collapse and India will be blamed for this incident for leaving huge important cryogenic engines freely into black market.


                         Then Chanikya got tensed and swipe his sweat on his forehead and ask his secretary to arrange a chopper immediately to Delhi. He directly met the supreme authority of the nation “President” and inform him all the case details and its consequences which will destroy the communication of all over the world then he asked for a permission for a huge operation which they are going to operate the next second from there.


                     Then chanikya took Aakash and ask him all the data he known and the locations and arranges an immediate meeting with the allied agencies and chan ask Aakash to present the information to the all the agencies then after knowing the emergency they all are decided to stop it then chanikya gets all the agents details from agencies and as per the locations he contact them and start the operation


              Chan sent Aakash to Colombia to stop the execution. After reaching there  he was assisted by other agents over there and he got to know that it not for destroying of the communication but to create a private network for mafia groups and drug syndicates there he got a huge data of all the drug mafias deals and transactions and member details then Aakash make a call to chan and ask for analytics team help and compare the data he found with criminal database and find out that many gangsters were involved in this and later he found out that some private terrorist groups from Africa were helping them in this and suddenly they were attacked and they get the key access of that data and escaped from there and in middle of their escape they were caught by the local gangsters and torture them then they didn’t found that key for access.


              The gangsters kill the remaining agents and keep Aakash tortured the next morning suddenly the area was attacked by chan and his team and they save Aakash from there and chan sent him to hospital and shift him to India and later Aakash recovered from injuries chan ask him about the key access and he smiles and says he need to go to his home town which was a small village and after reaching there he get into his home and check for packages and found his package there and show it to chan.


             Later they move to Raw headquarters and with the huge technical support  they access the all the details and freezed the transactions and became base for all the criminal data to the other countries and by this president and other nations appreciate the syndicate secret agency hard work and decide to use them as per their needs for their country .



                                              AAKASH KURAGAYALA













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