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SPARROW- The lady spy



 In Noida city at a huge datacentre a lady called Shalini works as a chief architect she was friendly and even with everyone in her circle. One day she was got arrested by huge police battalion at the office.


                Later she was left free after 10 days of remand then she was dropped at her apartment and she found her one of her office lady workers there and she was scared and that lady help Shalini with some water and food and she explains that she was not a ordinary cleaner in that office but she was there to stop a huge data damage so she was entered into  office like a cleaner and she also explains that she was arrested to get access like her fingerprint and all later Shalini was started to ask her original name she replies sparrow with a small witty smile.


            Then she left the place and enter her car and drives to a huge apartment and waits outside on a road she spots a car and start to enter into the apartment and she follows a man and enter his flat by pushing him inside and she shut his mouth and reveals her face and that man stop the fight and looks into her eyes and start to cry in silence and hug her tightly and get emotional and call her LEELA she also get emotional and kiss him on forehead and hug him back tightly and both fall on floor after few minutes he pick her up and both sit on a couch and he was just happy and she call him Manohar.


                 He asked her where she was all these days and she was just disappeared from college after her graduation. She replies that she was went through many losses that she lost his father who was a C.I and was killed by some people and they even try to kill her then she was escaped and started to follow them then she got to know that they were some drug dealers and she finally one day planned and killed everyone of that small gang and got arrested by local police in Mangalore.


              One day when she was in  central jail she was shifted to a old office building in the name of investigation and there she found many officers and they all make her free and gave her a file then she got to know that her father was not a normal C.I but an ARMY intelligence officer who was working as a C.I for internal information of state she was explained all the things and asked her to join in IB then she ask them why only her.


                 Then one of them replies that her civil exam results were released but she thought that she was failed but they reveal that her scores were kept confidential and she was damn good in that exam and she was also a state level karate champion  and her father is the main reason for this and she finally accept their offer and she was shifted to Lakshadweep islands there she was trained with huge training and she was also learnt the Russian language in 3 months and she was deeply went into the training and later from IB she was moved to RAW she was went to Russia on a operation with KGB support from Russia. She was there for 2 years and found a huge secret of Chinese drug dealers from bugging Russian mafia communication and she return to India few months back and she was on her mission all these days and he stops her and ask what about their relationship she smiles and say she was always with him.


                     She was following him every year and stalking him she never left him but as per her rules she was not suppose to maintain any relations with her past identity so they killed her identity and she was not leela any more he was little confused and she ask him for a coffee and he says ok and start to prepare and she ask him whether he was still loving her, he was silent and he breakdown suddenly and she ran to him console him and he says he was still loving her and ask her to promise him to don’t leave, she says she can’t he says ok and ask her to at least marry before leaving him she says she will come back again for him one day and she kiss him with deep love and spend that night with him and next day she leave from that flat with a written message before he wakes up.


                  She suddenly got a call and ask her to reach that destination she says ok and move to that place it was an old cemetery there she found a fresh bouquet with a phone she pick them and move she found a Sri Lanka passport with her new identity and a Pen drive she move to a huge national highway and she throw her old phone under a huge vehicle and she got a message for her new phone and she was moved to srilanka after few days and she was start work as a crane operator in huge port and she was assigned to track the Chinese movements there.  


                    But one day she was on her work suddenly she found a huge attack on a single person who was badly injured by the Chinese mafia then she decided to help him so she dropped a huge container in middle of route and make that mafia people to halt for some time and she helped to him and drag him to a empty container and confuse the Chinese people and saved him. later she took him to her room and help him with medication and keep him safe there and after 2 days he got back to his senses and ask about his situation and what happened then she started to enquire about him but he was just silent and then she start to ask about his problem with that mafia group then he decides to tell all the things he says that he belong to India and he was here for a deal with local parties but in middle these mafia group attacked him and they messed up all the things then she ask him what was his deal he says it was a secret and then he asks for a mobile to contact to his people she give him a phone and he makes a call and tell them to activate the local agents to kill that mafia she listens and she was calm and with in no time she got a call from her superiors and they order her to clean that mafia over there and she was shocked and she says ok and cut that call .



                  She later get a package and she see get the details of that group and she was decided to know all the details and she take that package and go to the injured person in his room and give it to him and he looked into that package and he become speechless and she says she will comeback by the night and asked him to be ready to go back to India then she leave a phone to him and move to kill all them she enter into local market and meet a local fruit shop owner and ask him for a local fruit he says ok and ask her to go inside and pick which one she need, she enter the back of that shop and pick a fruit box and took the pistol and load it and pick all her weapons she need and move from there and enter their area and tried to fool them and start execute one by one finally she found the explosives in their hide out and she activate one of their explosives and she slowly enter into the underground pipeline and she hides there then the blast happens and every one died there and she get out from there from other side of that pipeline and get back to her room silently and she find him still there and she ask him to pack all the things in her cupboard he says ok and open it and found some money and different passports and a phone and sims he pack all that things


               She bring a car and both move to the port and they both enter into a small fishing port and ask the boat owner to take them to Indian waters then he says ok and take them and in middle of Indian waters they were caught by navy officers and arrested then she got a chance to make a call and she make a call to his superiors but no one pick the call then she ask him to arrange something he says ok and make a call and within no time the officers get a message and make them free.


               The officers took them to the port in down south in India and let them free there for him a group of people are waiting she ask him to arrange a flight to Noida she ask his name and he says Abhilash and smile and drop her in airport and he gave his personal number and save her number and name as an agent and give her the tickets and says bye and he leaves from there.

             She took her flight to Noida and move to Manohar flat directly and looks that flat is empty no one is there so she waited there until he came and at evening he arrived and notices his flat was opened and he enter normally and move to his kitchen and start to prepare the coffee and  call her as leela and she came out of the bedroom and she lean to the wall and looks at him and smile.


              She feel the aroma of the coffee and move towards him and help in making and both started to talk about their things in life and she suddenly ask him to marry he was just take a moment and smiled then they both spent their day happily suddenly she got a call from superior and she says she need a long live and she hang the call and next day they go for shopping and suddenly she got a call from private number and she pick the call and she listen to it that call was from Abhilash and he says congrats and told her to pick her gift from her car boot she check and find a case of money and her new identity and wedding clothes for them she thank him and wish him good luck and hang up the call.


                 She was started her new life with her new identity. As she was feeling bored she decides to get back to some work so after a long time she contact her superiors and ask for replacement to desk job in Noida they accept her request and assign her as head of Noida branch.


              Few years later she got a call from private number when she was in her office then she pick that call and it was Abhilash and she recognise him and ask his where abouts and he answer her questions and ask for a huge help she ask what and he start to explain his story to her.


         This is a story of a gangster. Gangsters never die they just become silent for a certain period of time like a volcano but suddenly they erupt and they can’t be handled any more. In the same way this is a story of a gangster but he never been into war with anyone but his grand father had a legacy which was unbeatable his name was Abhilash he seen all the cruelness in that field and faced the humiliation in the society and fear in the people by all this he felt bad and decide to get rid of all these things and went to his father who was not involved in this and just stayed out of all this and also Abhilash was a teenager but a strong one.


              As I am moving like this one day I was pulled back to that world and conditions around me make to be there for rest. As I am not interested in violence I used the influence that I had with my grand fathers position and make all the politicians to be under my decisions and helped them to reach the higher positions.


                  I used them to get contracts and execute the enemies in dealings in that same way you helped me in Sri Lanka and your orders were passed by my member who is a defence minister.


            Leela got shocked and ask him what he need now, he says that he got a news that leads to war between India and Pakistan. That they planning to import the nuclear missiles using food containers as their cover from china. After listening to all this she ask what he decided to do then he say a coward operation in middle of the sea.


          Abhilash ask her to check car boot for the details she says ok and accepts to help him. She pick the package and found the plan and next day she got her chopper from designated location and she was dropped on the huge carrier ship she found the  exact container and blasted it and escaped using the same chopper.


          After reaching Abhilash personally pick her and says that she was blasted container of currency but not the missiles she was silent and then he explains that all her politician friends were going out of his hand so get them back he blasted their income source. She laughs suddenly and says it’s not currency completely but ¼ is just the money but the remaining is a huge amount of drugs so I blasted it but not on your favour I am quiet just because of you a good thig was happened and abhi drops her and she says that never think that we work for you but we act according to situations if it cause damage to nation we will destroy if it helps to nation we will use enemies for that there will be no delay in using them as I used you today Abhilash also smiles back and says goodbye to her.



                                                                                                              AAKASH KURAGAYALA


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