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1985's - Consignment


1985's - Consignment

                As we all know that the king of cocaine Pablo Escobar was been ruled over all the dark market in 1970s to 90’s. Pablo has a dream to show up his power all over the continents so, he was used to maintain a lot of his private consignment in all the 7 continents.

                  One of his close men in those times use to send a special consignment to India in late 1985 as no one known a large piece of consignment has been storing in a large quantity. That consignment includes the latest weapons of 1985 like Ruger p-series, SA80, Beretta M9, Wieger StG-940, Ruger GP100 etc.

Ruger p-series


Beretta m9 

 wieger stG-940

             Even the condition of India was great Pablo for his deals because until 1985 there was no act against narcotics and other because later by end of that year the new act was passed by the parliament. So the circulation was stopped and that huge consignment was stored in an old mill and Factory which was been closed by the state government for some disputes happening between public and owners so they choose it as a safe place they later forgot about that because Pablo was busy in his fights at us he created a huge mess and he was died in 1991.

                          As we are in 2020 that Mill and factory was restarted in the later in the beginning of 2000 and it control was took over by the government the factory was located in Cochin, Kerala. One day in Bangalore Mr. Samuel who was leading his life very normally then suddenly one day he got a call from his home town by saying that one and only his grand father who was an active politician in his home town was expired and he reach back to there and complete all the process and start packing everything and decide to sell all his properties and leave that place as soon as possible.

            As he was cleaning his house he found a store room and get inside to move things but he found a huge bunker there and enter into it with huge hesitation and found a large radio communication system and laugh over it and check it whether it was working then he found that it was working well and it was in good condition and start check all the files and things there and he start listening to all the audio clips which were recorded in audio tapes by listening through all of that tapes he got to know that in late 1980’s he was worked for American gangster Pablo for his political career and money later he also found about that consignment in that tape conversations.

                         He was confused suddenly he listens someone are coming in huge by vehicles he closes that bunker and get out of that store room and see the local S.P was there to take him to the C.M’s residence as he was took there with jet category protection he was met by the C.M and he was called to interact about his Grand father C.M was not able to be on that day so he was called and later C.M sent him with huge protection and gave his personal number to Samuel if he need any help in future.

                    After reaching back home he found a broker who brought a good buyer but he refused to sell it and send that broker and he start analyse all the files there he found another great news he got exited and jump and dance like an Insane and he found a secret file which was sent by Pablo to just store his secrecy in that files he found all the remaining places in the 6 continents but one of them was burst and another was seized by the government.

           He has nearly 5 more places which were not even known by someone until now and if he can find them he can just be a new Pablo Escobar because he sent all the cocaine out but at last days of his life he was brought a new drug which was has high span of expiry which has same amount of power until a couple of   centennial. Then he was just decided to do all the things what he planned without losing his grandfather reputation in the society.

                        Later he was started to do all types of survey around that factory and collect the details like shift timings and entry and exit points of that factory and he also had a unknown blue print of that factory where only he know where the consignment and the way to that place.

          Later one night he slowly sneak into the factory and use the blue print he had and entered into the storage room which was closed for years and inside he found a way to a huge room in basement and by there he took the path to the consignment and found it was locked and break that old door with a huge wedge a side and enter and see all ammunition and check all the weapons and see that they are good enough to work.

            He decides to get out from there and see all possible ways in that blue print and found a huge storage shell in basement and go to check it and found something suspicious and it’s too dark there and he feel some smell and he initially took up the light and check over there found a group of girls who were unconscious and bleeding and kept alive with oxygen supply and he drastically get disturbed by all that visuals and get out of that shell and move to exit point and get out of that factory and reach near his car and get a water bottle and wash his face and remember that visuals and get huge vomit and literally he was shivering and by that way he was seen by the police who are on their regular check patrol in the city and found him and they recognise him and they ask him what happened and he tells he is feeling sick and by seeing all the surrounded things there and they see him in shivering mode and decide to help and took him to near by hospital and after that he was dropped safely at his residence because he is a one of the VIP’s of that town.

                        Next day when he woke up and he was unable to get out of those thoughts and he decides to do something and he also think twice about his activity and starts to plan for his next move and set all the things right and next he again sneak into the factory and he first enter into the consignment area and get some of the weapons which he try to handle and he use the instruction manual of that weapons and get back to that area where he found all the girls and make a huge sound by just shooting in air.

              Then a group of goons get entered from another side of that shell and start to attack Samuel then he start shooting them who doesn’t have any weapons like guns who are just had enough weapons like sharp knifes and some huge wood blocks and he also faces problems with some of his weapons which make him difficult to struck in that fight and finally with three of the goons were left and he enter into hand to hand combat and use his weapons and hit them with those and get them injured heavily and he makes a call for help to C.M sir. Then his call get connected and he explain situation and he was sent assistance and he was even became a huge star among the media which was crowded out and the case was filed on the government officials of that factory who are reason for this to happen.

               He intellectually hide that place from the police and he asked C.M to shut down for a period of time and re start it with a good ownership then it was implemented and he was also participate on the day of tender call and he was selected for getting ownership because of his influence and popularity in society.

                         Later he slowly move all the weapons and clear the area but he found the huge amount of drugs there and he just kept them on fire and seize that place completely as it was old building it has capacity to stay stable and he got a huge deal with a person who deal with the weapons they both met at a place and decide to complete the deal then Samuel was caught by the RAW and he was suppose to kill but he make fun of them then their superior enter the scene and ask him seriously then he reveals that the information about this deal was told by him itself he was trying to be a good person then he let him free and ask him to surrender all the ammunition he agrees and he propose a deal with that superior.

                 Then Superior officer was ready to agree then Samuel says that he was known other 4 places where they can find ammunition and he explains all the things and files he had and ask him a favour to take him as a field officer in the RAW then he took a second and ask him to take some tests then they will think about it then later he was given a place address and let him go free and they all move from there.

                After few days he was went to one of his friends house and he found his friend sister open the door and welcomes him then Samuel friend inside hug him and thank him for saving his siter from that women trafficking racket. Samuel now says that he found her before itself but he decided to save remaining too with her so he took some time but his friend give a smile and thank him once again take him too dinner and they had a good time that evening and that night Samuel had a flight to Bengaluru and he was get dropped by his friend.

                   Next day he reaches the address and found a huge traditional Udupi hotel and he went to counter with that address paper then that person by seeing that paper in his hand he throw it up in a dustbin there and took him with him inside the hotel back where they work and he found he is going to take a test there and he really never seen such an exam. Later he was given a system and ask to break a network and he did as they asked because he was known all these things like he was working for Banking servers.

                   Later he was moved to another base camp of air force training camp and asked him to show his skills in hand to hand combat then he reveals that he was well trained in the kalarippayattu and end up with good grades and he was asked to get into training for 6 months and later he will be selected then he was asked how he was able to contact the RAW then he says C.M who was a formal friend and partner of all the activities his grandfather was committed in his initial stage of political career later they both stopped. He decide to help anything I want so he helped me to get a number of a Agent and with that I sent a message then Samuel sent to a typical hard training which he initially feel hard and later he was gave his best and selected as a field agent and present him with his rank and sent him on a mission he gave the all the ammunition places address and went on his mission to goa for catching a drug dealer who is now starts selling the explosives freely with the help of local police.

                     He start to work on his mission he look cool and his influence also supports him to complete his mission ……………

 Author : Aakash Kuragayala



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