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AGATSYA-the story teller




Once in a city a family of four members were there, in that family father was a college principal and a mother and 2 kids. One of those kid’s story was this, his name was Agatsya he was quite active at his childhood later he became composed and start using fake smile for his conversations.


                     We can also say that he became an introvert as he grown up, because of this he wasn’t made good friends or friend circle, he used to carry a lot of thoughts in his mind, he used to look cool for all and he also look like he had good social skills but his pain and loneliness were not known to anyone including his family.


                     His emotions were never been exploited, in college he fell in love by seeing a girl but he didn’t express it to her so his love didn’t worked-out and he stayed single and he never liked to be an engineer but he never ignored his studies, he likes writing and he also had a great passion for poetry in Telugu.


               Whenever he felt lonely, he has this habit of sitting in top of a building in the night and he writes his poetry in his diary and also, he had a great imaginary power like he can eventually imagine the scenes when he read a story or a novel and he is a music lover too.


                       In his college days he worked on many projects and made his own prototype for his idea later that process helped him to get great placement, he got a good job at his early age and later in his office he became a hard worker and he reached to a great position in his company.


                         Even though he was not happy because he was not felt the completeness of life because he was not even went to many trips as others and he not explored a lot, he knew all the flaws in him but he was unable to meet all this things. One day when he was in his flat somebody knocks the door, he goes to see then he sees some unknown person he enters inside and give him a parcel and ask for money.


                        Then Agatsya ask him about the parcel then he says you ordered it right then he says no and he ask the flat number then the person realizes and give it to opposite flat then Agatsya observes him enjoying with full of music then he decides to know about that he knocks his opposite flat door and meet Chanikya then he asked him can we talk.



                   Agatsya was allowed to chanikya flat then he see him having the weed then he ask him about that particular thing by pointing it then he explain that to get relax from stress he uses it and Agatsya felt like to try it once to break his flaws and be a different person which he likes to be like then he ask him for one piece then chanikya says it’s not a piece it’s a joint and prepare it for Agatsya and taught him how to use it.


                    By this process both Chanikya and Agatsya became good friends and they start having weed in Agatsya flat and they use to order a lot from then by that Agatsya use to be too active in office and he feel like a free bird flying in a sky without limits. In this way they started enjoying a lot in weekends with this high toxic products Agatsya literally fell in addiction with this all weeds.


                       One day in his office while working he suddenly get paralysed due to lack of weeds, because they became his daily routine he was admitted in hospital by his colleagues and they informed the situation to his parents, they reached there and they met the doctor and enquired all details about his health and test reports.


                          Then they got to know that he was literally addicted to the drugs a lot and he was prescribed to go for rehabilitation centre. Then initially he used to struggle a lot for that treatment but after 4 weeks he started responding for treatment one day he was not able to sleep so he started roaming in the floors then at top of the building he saw a girl who is sitting with a guitar in her hand.

               Agatsya went to her, there he seen her closely and give a smile and sit near her at another edge of the side and start enjoying the cool climate then he felt like saying his one of his poems he slowly start humming it then by that humming she felt like to play guitar she slowly move the strings.


              Then Agatsya look at her and try to talk with her but she feel the fear and moves back then he says I am Agatsya then she slowly step forward and shake hands with him and says her name as Sharanya and she slowly become his good friend they both use to sit daily at the top of the building and in that darkness they both share their stories and become close.


                    One day Agatsya explains all his past to her his loneliness and his passion and his works later he ask about her past then he slowly try to say his past Sharanya was music student she lost all her family in a accident and later she was slowly addicted to drugs to get out of that sorrowness.



                    Then they became close friends and Agatsya for the first time he started being heartfully happy suddenly one day he sees sharanya on critical condition where she was struggling to be normal, then out of sudden she dies and then Agatsya cries like something he lost as he valued her a lot her friendship was his first relation with someone where he was truthful with a pure smile.



                After few days he was discharged from that rehabilitation centre and he moves to his flat then after sometime he listens that somebody knocking the door then he opened the door and he see chanikya there and he calmly ask him to get inside then Chanikya ask him what’s next then Agatsya says I need to find a new job then chanikya gives a cover.


                    In that cover he sees the cheques on his name he asked what all are this, then he says that he published all his works and they all get good success in society then Agatsya ask when did you studied all this then Chanikya says you only gave all your works for me to study after that incident very-hardly I cut them off and I started changing.


                   Then one fine day I studied one of your stories I literally completed whole book in one day and I fell in love with that writing then even I read your poetry book and I decided to publish all of them then with a name I started a publication as TRIEYE publications it got huge success among youth.


                        Then agatsya get shocked about all this and Chanikya ask him to take this writing as a serious profession then he says ok and he decide to give it a try and started to write a story and complete that whole story in two weeks then he gaeve it to Chanikya and he get relaxed.



                    Then one day they decided to launch the book in a grand way, then that book got good appreciation and it reaches to a filmmaker Amol Rathode he read that total book and decides to meet the writer of that book and he find Agatsya address and reach there and introduce himself and start talking about his works then he says I liked your stories but at some where I really feel like the story doesn’t had a great real emotion because I hope you don’t had great interaction with the normal people in the society.



                 Their stories had the best lines the soul will be in their experiences, then he gave him a small suggestion like this Agatsya you should travel around the roads and interact with the people and build a story with that if it works well, we can even make a film.



                   Agatsya start thinking about that and after few days he decide to write a new story then he informed chanikya that he was going for a holiday and he starts his journey on a highway he just decided to go without any idea where his destination is.



                   In middle of his journey, he met a boy who is working in a highway daba he asked him about his story then he says that he was kidnapped and moved in a container in his childhood then he was luckily saved by that daba owner and he started taking care of him and help him lead his life.



                 After he met the owner and appreciate him and thank him for his sweet gesture and take a photo with them and again start his journey. In this journey he met a motor cycle club they ask him to join in their race then he says ok and join, in that race all the racers were divided into two groups from each group at least 4 members should reach the end. Then the race starts Agatsya was not known to anyone there then he was safely moving in the race but remaining people were fighting in middle by dashing each other vehicles.



                   At last in Agatsya group 4 members were left and they gave a dash to Agatsya and make him slip on the road and they went off then one of his teammate come and pick him up and help him and tell him to match the speed then they both start again and with a high speed they confuse all other team players and reach the end and they won the race and at last that team amte remove the helmet.



                 She was a lady and she looks amazing Agatsya was just blown away with her beauty and great gesture. Then he just followed her and try to talk she observes it and come back to him and introduce herself to him and ask about his travel then he says all his journey story and ask her like this can I join with you she was actually travelling alone she say ok.



                  Then they start the travel and she tell her name as Amara kaur by that name he ask her was she a Punjabi girl then he says yes with a smile and ask him the same then he replies his name and says do you know all these places well then she yes and she speak the Kannada language then he realizes he crossed the states with the highway.



               He asked amara how did she know other languages. She said that she knew 8 – 9 languages he felt shock and as a token of respect he bow before her and she said stop it with a smile and they slowly become close in that travel and in middle of the highway they both stop at a tea shop and they have tea and later Agatsya start to talk with tea shop owner he was also runs a mechanic shed beside then he ask that uncle to can he just fill the air to his tyres, he looks at a photo in that shop and ask about that, then uncle says he was his son he was died few years back and he tell his story which was filled with that father and son relation Agatsya literally feel the emotion and filled up with tears in his eyes.



                He wiped up those tears and with a pure smile he will hug that uncle and say thanks to him and he call to his family within no time and get little emotional and again start his journey then Amara Ask him about his work then he tell about his works she starts seeing his works in articles, websites and get impressed.



                    Then one night some random race get started on the highway then Amara ask to let participate then he says ok both enter into race then it was so reckless without rules then in middle of the race some of the racers make Amara to fell down then she was injured then Agatsya took her on his motor cycle and first time in his life he risk a lot and ride the bike with full damn speed and just literally make amara won the race and by just make her to sit in front of the bike in the middle of the race.



               Amara ask how did he did that because he don’t even know such techniques then he says the things he told in the previous race he learnt it from there then she says you are like a “eka santagrahi” he just smiles and took her to hospital and even her bike got a huge damage so she left it there and both start their journey to Amara’s residence then he got to know it was kerala.



               By just entering into the State he fell in love with the nature there and he took amra to her home and there he see her family and suddenly a boy from them caller her amma he was just shocked and he don’t speak anything then he asked to get inside and fresh up.


                  Agatsya decided to leave as fast as he can and he went to Amara room to say good bye then she asked him to sit and she looks like she is trying to say something then agatsya ask her when she got married? She looks shockingly and says does look like a married woman by smiling.


                Agatsya feel uncomfortable and says he will leave then she told him that she fell in love with him in this journey and she propose to Agatsya by using his own poetry then she also says she know telugu too and she just acted till now then Agatsya feel like relax and happy at a time and he ask her to marry him then she says ok.



          He will ask about that kid who called amara as mother, she says that he was her nephew and agatsya says that I also knew one thing about you that is you are an IPS officer right then she says yes and she how did he know then he says that her id card was used in hospital for identity then he got to know about her. Then he ask how do you came from Punjab to kerala then she says her mother was a judge so she use to move every where in country so she had good linguistic knowledge.


                 Agatsya tell that his new story was ready Amara says congrats and he came a side and make a call to Amol rathode and tell him that rough draft was ready then he says we will work on this he says ok and Amol ask about the tittle then he took a second and name the story as “AGATSYA” Amol says ok. By that day he started his new life as a story writer for films and even though he published the novels and became busy in life by this he concluded that life will be fulfilled at correct place with correct people you have to just go with the flow in your life and don’t miss the chances which came to you.






                                                                Aakash Kuragyala





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