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Why did Russia invade Ukraine?Know, the reason for the war between Russia and Ukraine!

Why did Russia invade Ukraine?Know, the reason for the war between Russia and Ukraine!

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Today you should also understand that why is this war happening?  What does Russia need from Ukraine?  This whole dispute with Ukraine is about whether Ukraine will become a member of NATO countries or not.  Ukraine wants to become a member of NATO countries.  He wants to be with NATO.  In the year 2008, NATO countries decided that they could consider including Ukraine in their military organization and then a committee was also formed for this.  But at that time so much pressure was put on Ukraine by Russia that it had to withdraw from this agreement and then this deal could not be done and since then Ukraine has been trying to join NATO countries at different times and it has made an effort to join NATO countries.  A similar attempt was made at the end of the year 2021, on which Russia objected very strongly and Russia does not accept that its neighboring country should join NATO countries and join such a group because NATO country considers Russia as its enemy.  admit.  That's why Russia does not want its neighbor to merge with its enemy.  This will also mean that if Ukraine joins NATO countries, then the forces of NATO countries will come to Ukraine.  Means will come to the borders of the nation and it will be dangerous for the internal security of the country.  NATO is a military group of 30 countries like America, Canada, Britain and France and now the challenge before Russia is that some of its neighboring countries have already joined NATO and these are Estonia, Latvia is among them. There are such countries which were once part of the Soviet Union. Now it has merged with NATO and Russia does not like this thing and now if Ukraine also becomes a friendly country of NATO, then Russia will be surrounded by its enemy countries from all sides and countries like America will dominate it. America can reach the neck of Russia whenever it wants.  NATO countries believe in the principle that if any of their friendly countries is attacked by another country, then this attack will be considered as an attack on all NATO countries and all these countries will fight together against that attacking nation.  That is, today if Ukraine was a member of NATO, then these countries would have to send their forces to Ukraine and for this reason Russia opposes Ukraine's going with NATO countries.  However, here we would like to say one thing that it would be a big misunderstanding of Ukraine that if it felt that it had joined NATO, then the forces of NATO countries would have saved it.  Even today Ukraine must have understood that all these countries do these things very big but not even one of their soldiers has reached till now to save Ukraine. Vladimir Lenin, the hero of the Russian Revolution, once said that acquitting Ukraine to Russia would be the same as separating its head from a body.  However, there will also be a question in your mind that why does Ukraine want to come and go with NATO?  To understand this, you have to go back 100 years in history.  Before 1917, Russia and Ukraine were part of the Russian Empire, but after the Russian Revolution in 1917, this empire disintegrated and Ukraine declared itself an independent country.  Although Ukraine could not remain independent for hardly 3 years and in the year 1920 Ukraine joined the Soviet Union. After this, when the Soviet Union disintegrated in the year 1991, 15 new countries were formed, including Ukraine.  That is, in real terms, Ukraine got independence only in the year 1991. But Ukraine understands from the beginning that it can never compete with Russia on its own and that is why it wants to join a military organization that will ensure its independence in any situation because the people of Ukraine want to become independent. and there is no better alternative than NATO for it at this time.  In one line, the dispute is that Ukraine wants to go with NATO countries to get out of Russia's pressure and Russia feels that if its neighboring country goes with NATO countries, then America's army will reach its border.  Which would be dangerous for his national security. That's why this whole war is happening. Another reason for the root of this war is that Russian President Vladimir Putin cut eastern Ukraine into three pieces without fighting a war, which increased the tension between the two countries. Putin recognized two regions, Donetsk and Luhansk, located on the Russian border in eastern Ukraine, as independent countries. Where since the year 2014 was controlled by organizations supporting Russia and even at this time Russia has deployed its peacekeeping forces in both these areas and you can say that now both these areas are being controlled by Russia itself. That is, Russia has already broken a large part of Ukraine. You will also have to understand today what is the lesson hidden for you in this crisis. The first lesson is that if a country is weak, then international law and international treaties have no importance.  No matter how many organizations you join, make a treaty, no one comes to save you in times of trouble. We told you earlier that in the year 1994, a treaty was signed between America, France, Britain and Russia in Budapest city of Hungary. This is called the Budapest Memorandum and the treaty says that all these countries have given Ukraine an assurance that they will defend Ukraine's interests in any war-like situation in the event of a conflict and ensure that Ukraine remains an independent country. But today a country that has signed this treaty, ie Russia, attacked Ukraine and on the other hand America, France and Britain are not able to help Ukraine only statements are being made on statement, press conference. They are doing big things by coming on TV.  So the two big countries that told Ukraine that we will protect you were Russia and America.  Out of those 2 big countries, one has crossed the limit and the other big country i.e. America did not come to save. The second lesson is that countries which are not able to defend themselves, which do not have decisive leadership, do not have strong leadership, no country from outside even comes to protect that country.  Different military and political organizations have been created for power and centralization and balance in the world and they are many like you have institutions like United Nations in the world today.  We have organizations like G-20, G-8, G-7.  There is SAARC, there is BRICS, there is NATO, there is an organization like Shanghai Corporation Organization i.e. SCO. These organizations in the world are running with the membership of different countries and all these organizations say that they will work on solutions with cooperation in the event of crisis, help each other. But the truth is that these organizations have no importance in a situation like this today. No organization in this world is able to do anything. You see the role of the United Nations, it could not do anything in Afghanistan, left the people of Afghanistan to die. The United Nations could not do anything in Iraq. Couldn't do anything in Syria and now can't do anything in Ukraine either. If a country is not able to defend itself, then it will not be able to achieve anything even by being a member country of all these organizations.  And the third lesson is that it is natural to create uncertainty and instability in a country whose internal affairs are interfered with by other countries, and we have seen this in Afghanistan and now in Ukraine, the situation is exactly the same. America and Western countries put a lot of pressure to avoid a war between Ukraine and Russia, but none of their efforts worked and Russia proved to be heavy on these countries because it kept its internal decisions in its own hands and kept control in its own hands. He has a very strong leader in the form of Vladimir Putin. He did not decide according to any other country, what would be his next step, so the whole world kept waiting for what would be Putin's next step and every time Putin surprised the whole world.

 Matsya Nyaya doctrine is mentioned in ancient Indian philosophy which states that in a period of chaos when there is no ruler, the strong destroys the weak, just as the big fish eats the small fish when it is dry. In the same way, a ruler or a country swallows up weak people and small countries by taking conflict as their support and this is exactly what is happening today i.e. the big fish swallows the small fish.  We accept this in the ocean. In the forest the big animal kills the small animal and eats it. Accept them even in the forest and now this world is also becoming such a place.


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