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Take off -a fantasy story with adventures

 Take off -a fantasy story with adventures 

Take off a fantasy story

 In the year 2012 a flight with 30 members of passengers and the crew has got taken off, after sometime suddenly the flight got an emergency alert everyone in the flight felt tensed suddenly the alert has stopped and they got an announcement that they are going to land everyone felt that it may be an emergency landing. Suddenly when they got landed, they got to know that they reached their destination Bengaluru.

 Everyone is in shock just within minutes how did they travelled that such long distance from Mumbai all of the passengers and crew was asked to enter into a bus and moved them to a emergency medical camp and then everyone were being tested then they are moved to a meeting room and then some of the scientist get entered and ask all of them to don’t get panic and they reveal the exact thing why they are being following this new protocol for them. Then the scientist reveal that they are being missing since 4 years with that flight.

 Scientist reveals that they all are in 2016 and they all are perfectly fine with their health no one had any complications and ask them about their experience and later they leave them. Everyone started moving to their houses one of those passengers who was a young boy Ananth kumar makes a call to his father but his uncle lift the call and ask him to get into a car outside which is waiting for him later he was moved to his house and enter into lobby there he seen his uncle and he tried to explain what happened then his uncle stops him and says he knows everything what happened and shows him the news channels.
 In news channels that incident has becomes the breaking news then Ananth uncle show him the news when his flight got missed Ananth tries to understand the situation and ask about his father he ask him to come into a room in that Ananth father was looks like hospitalized he was surrounded with all medical equipment then his uncle says that his father got paralyzed after his incident, Ananth felt so bad and start hating that situation. After few days his uncle ask him to take charge of his father companies but he refuses and says that he was just 17 but his uncle says that as per the year you are 21 and your company has just going on, you also had to deviate from that incident so please listen to me.

 Ananth felt like ok and he move to his room and start to sleep that night, in his dreams he use to see so many things some papers and some one is taking decisions and asking something about projects, he see so many new faces and suddenly he woke up and just move on from there and move to office with his uncle. Then his uncle asked him to wait in his cabin. Then Ananth start roaming suddenly he get a file in that he sees about some government contracts, after sometime his uncle get into cabin and see a group of his employees were being instructed by someone, he enters into the cabin and see that Ananth is being instructing everyone and he was handling the files and ask Ananth what he is doing.
 He says that he was participated in some of the government contracts and by evening he will finalize everything and give a clean report about that. Later after few days their company grabs maximum contracts and they estimate a double turn over that year by all this his uncle use to celebrate in office he enters to his cabin to share the news but Ananth will be in deep sleep and he suddenly woke up and just move from there with a simple smile.
 He moves to his room and sleep again he starts dreaming. In that dream he will see a club and he see a person on the top edge of the building and suddenly he jumps from there and after sometime he will see a car accident which leads to the huge damage and death rate. Suddenly woke up and he recognize that he is dreaming the future. He become restless and think about the same thing after sometime his office colleagues will be discussing about the weekend party then Ananth uncle call one of them and ask them to take Ananth with them they says ok and they all take Ananth to a club but the club won’t allow them due to high crowd then Ananth ask a second and meet the manager and make a party arrangement in top of the building while they were enjoying suddenly that club manager moves to the edge of the building and just fall from there and he dies due to heavy loss of blood.
Up-to that incident he just tried to adjust by feeling these all as a coincidence but after that he become so particular about his dreams and then he remember his another dream then he see that no one had that car in their office then suddenly he see a news that a cab was hit to a large power supply and due that blast nearby families were died and in that cab a driver and a business man were died they show the face of Ananth uncles.
 Suddenly he become hopeless then he revised everything and he got to know that these all started after that flight journey and he assumes that may all the passengers are in same situation then with his company influence he brings the list of that flight passengers and crew. Then he started enquiry on one by one then slowly he got to know that maximum are died and some are in mental wards and some are died in accidents in overall one pair will be alive and they are in goa. He tries to reach them but it won’t work then Ananth kidnap them and brought them to his place.  
 Later he meet them and explain the situation that he was facing and ask about their experience after the flight journey then they introduce themselves as Mr & Mrs Thomas and start their story like this……… after the flight journey they both feel so bad and moves to their home town Goa immediately then they start to feel something before which is going to happened as a example when they are on a road they both were seen a couple fighting suddenly they felt like they will go to the middle of the road and met with a accident, after few seconds they both move to middle of the road by pushing hitting each other then they were hit by a vehicle.
 After so many incidents they start believing their intuitions strongly then they used it and won millions in casino and they enjoyed a lot suddenly they brought them then Ananth says ok and explain his situation to them then his assistant tells him that there was a another person who was alive and mentally perfect then Ananth ask him to get him there then Ananth offer a work for them then they decide to help him then they start investing Ananth money in stock market and helps him to become a billionaire then his assistants bring that person who was travelled in that flight.
 Ananth ask him about his experiences after that flight journey, he look all around that room and says you all will call me mad if I tell what I was suppose to do. Then Ananth says his experiences and MR. & Mrs. Thomas experiences and give him a hope and then he says like this that his name was Aditya and he was projecting his astral body with his control and he moves all around the world and travels to the past and to the future too and he even met so many astral bodies and he also explore the beauty of that another dimensions and he also travel to other universe and see parallel worlds and after these all he got to know that this earth is just a .0001% of the whole multiverse after listening all these things he start clarifying his doubts.
 He was not dreaming any future he was just able to project his astral body in his deep sleep and he travel to the future and experience the incidents in advance but he didn’t know after listening all these things they felt like a madness events later after few days they all become close and Ananth make them the board members.
 One day Ananth fall into a deep sleep and there he seen an apocalypse, in that an atom bomb will be carrying in a plane by Indian navy to keep it safe, accidentally that flight will get crashed and fall in the Arabian sea and it get explode and due to that effect entire coast people get affected due to radiation and face many diseases like cancers and entire sea animals and even that sea water get affected by radiation and slowly it start spreading he also see so many critical situations like burning skins and bleeding eyes etc. after these all suddenly he woke up and he get shivered by seeing all these in his dreams. He can’t even get divert from it.
 So he urgently make a call to Aditya and ask him to come to his room and he cut the call Aditya reach there and see Ananth in a different condition like fear and tension. Aditya talk to him simply and try to make him normal and give him a tea and slowly ask him what happened then he explain his dream what he seen there and he even ask him that they want to stop that at any case. Then next day morning Aditya explain Ananth dream to the Mr. & Mrs. Thomas then Ananth enter to that room and ask them to come with him then only four of them move to the city then they ask where they were going then he shows a visiting card of a scientist and he says that after the protocol in that airport I met him he explained what actually happened to us and he gave him that visiting card.
 Now he asked him to come to DRDO to meet him then they reach there and explain him the side effects they were facing of that time travel flight journey then he explains his latest dream and he ask him to stop that and also says that blast can’t be stopped but the place of the incident can change but the blast will happen then that scientist enquire about that atom bomb shift and find the information from his friend who was a higher authority in the Atomic board of research then they reach the place where the plane is taking off that Atom bomb then they explain everything and ask them to believe then they ask to just send the Aditya as a joint pilot of that plane then they say ok then Mr. & Mrs. Thomas got to know that Aditya was the Pilot of that plane which was time travelled.
  After all the arguments they all make Aditya fly then Ananth explain the plan to him and send him After that the flight will take off and in the middle of the travel they got to know that their flight Engines were damaged by seeing all these Ananth feel like that moment has arrived to then Aditya ask the co pilot to jump out of the plane with the parachute then he make the plane to fly in upward direction with full speed then after that condition it converts to auto pilot mode and Aditya also jump out from there After the huge struggle at that huge height due high compression of air Aditya body get swelling and after reaching the ground after some period of time he get normal but due high pressure even flight get blasted and after reaching some more height due to that atomic bomb get explode and some reactions happened there and sky get a diffuse radiation and gives a different colour like green , etc.
 All the officers and other officials thank them and praise them then Aditya Ask him that he see the future in this way only but he seen a alternate time line and he even know that pilot of this plane is going to be Aditya itself, for that Ananth laugh and says he saved the million lives and nature too then Aditya ask him that he may die At that pressure then Ananth says that he know the exact place that you have to jump and he shows the calculations for that and even his simple research then Aditya says you are ruthless and laugh.
 After few days all of them will be doing great and then he got a book of one of that plane passengers and he also got to know that he was died and he see a lot of unfinished drawings which will be relating to all the incidents which were happened up-to now. Then they see a drawing which was not happened until now and in that they were see a 5 people sitting on the edge of a big building, then they all fell slept at end of the day and Ananth also after a huge time he also slept with some thoughts suddenly in dreams he  see a group of people there he see all of his gang Aditya and MR. & Mrs. Thomas they introduce that died artist and then Ananth understand the meaning of that last drawing then they all sit at the edge of the building and enjoy the view.  

Author : Aakash Kuragayala (India)


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