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"Mr.Alex" Motivational Short Story With Moral


motivational short story

One day in the morning a delivery boy entered into a apartment to deliver a parcel while was moving on stairs unfortunately he slips from there and fell down and the parcel which was in his hand was fall on the floor and it get opened and from that parcel small amount of blood flows out by seeing that he got scared and shout. By that noise everyone in the flats came out and see the situation and inform to the police.
On the same day in the city dump yard the workers use to burn the dumped wastage in that process they notice some large size covered package they drag that from that dump and stop their work and open that package and see a dead body then they all scared and inform to police control room. And they see some more packages and they all start dragging them out. In control room complaint was noted and sent the police to both the location. Police reach the dump yard and see 8 dead bodies they inform to forensic department they reach there and open the packages totally and notice that they were killed by removing their heart, by that they think that some smugglers may take their organs and kill them. Then they sent all bodies to autopsy. Police arrive to the location with forensic team and control the situation and the forensic team do a primary analysis and tell them that it is an animal blood and ask them to don’t get panic and they inform to inspector that it’s is a human blood. They take that parcel to laboratory for few more tests. Police ask the address details of that parcel from the delivery boy. Then they got to know that the parcel is for the owner of flat no:324, they arrest him and take him for investigation. All the police inform the situation to DCP. He reached the police station and see the owner of that flat and ask his sub- ordinates to release him and order them to replace with some another person if needed then all of them will be shocked and then DCP take him to DGP and Introduce him as a RAW agent and he says that he was worked with him in some old cases few years back. Then DGP ask his name then that owner says his name was Anand. He says that he came for holidays. Then one of the officers enter into the room and says that that dead bodies DNA was matching with the DNA of that heart then Anand ask to check the from address and delivery agency they got to know that there are 8 parcels with same from address and that address was fake and that all parcels were taken from a lady and she was covered her face with cloth. They collect remaining parcels from them and sent them for testing then they all match to that dead bodies. Then Anand ask DGP to form a SIT (special investigation team). Then he will ask Anand to help him to solve this case asap then Anand says ok. Then he introduced Anand as a special agent from National police academy. They start investigation and try to find out the all the possible ways of murder then that team come to a conclusion that it may done by smugglers for selling the body parts. then Anand says no and also says that only heart was taken from that bodies and that autopsy says that that surgery was done by a normal guy who was not a surgeon. Then while checking missing cases he found that everyone is in different professions and they all missed on different dates. Then Anand try to get information from his sources and got to know that there no contract killing involved in this. Then Anand strikes a case and decide to try in dark web then he asked help from his source then he got to know about a freelancer who helps to police for solving cases then his source says that he can meet him in a chatting website and gives his id and tell his name as Alex. Then Anand enter into dark web and login in that chatting website and message to the Alex and Alex ask him about the case then Anand ask him to know about the contracts on these 8 people in Dark web then he says ok and asked him to pay a high amount then Anand gives an Account details and ask him to take from that he says ok. Next day he sent a file and give him the IP address of a system and says that contracts were send from that system and say Anand to track him with that IP. Then he informs his team and start tracking that IP address and they got to know that he was in a coffee shop then they surround the coffee shop and found him then they all are in shock that he was a teenage boy then they arrest him and move to investigation. Then Anand says he will investigate that boy and move into the cell he question him a lot but he wont reply. Then he tried to take help from Alex then he again sent a message to him then Alex asked him download a file which he will send and ask him to copy it in a pend drive and insert that pen drive in that laptop then Anand do as he said and inform to Alex then he cracked the password and copy all the files in that and sent them to Anand.

Then Anand check all that files and analyse everything and without any extension of investigation he called the officers and explain the clean details about case. Actually that boy was not the killer but he was the person who was given contract to the killers in dark web and he did like this to take revenge on them who were died because they all make his father to felt regret and make him to kill himself. His father was a CA he handled many company accounts in that one company cheated and miss the taxes and make his father culprit and file a case against him and that case got a great attention in society and some news channels and in social media it got Wirral and he was got disturbed because of all this and he killed himself.
Later his mother was faced many problems and all their properties were dragged from them and by banks and some of them were even too rude towards them and his mother was started facing many health issues and later she passed away. Then he was decided to kill all of them and marked 8 of them and with his remaining money he hired people in dark web and gave a contract and kill everyone. By explaining all this Anand close that case. Then DGP ask him that how that such a kid make all this then Anand says pain, insult and determination can drag a person to any extent. After a few days Anand will be back to his job and at some critical circumstances his identity will be get exposed so he was dismissed from RAW and he was taken into the CBI as a chief officer and he was even used for RAW for information. After a long gap Anand get a message from Alex as a great scam and he asked to use the chat system which was there in dark web and chat with him to stop that then to know about the information he again chat with Alex. Then Alex will start chat with Anand and tell him that recently in dark web some food delivery app was hacked and the customer details and transaction details have been leaked and this was not even found by that apps still now then Anand ask him that whether he has to inform the apps about this then Alex says that it was not even useful now because the data has been shared to many and nearly 20 crores worth of order details were sold and exposed. But now the same guy was openly posted that he was going to hack the all the government servers. Then Anand says impossible, Alex says that he can help them to stop this and he also says that he can help them catch him and he says that his name was MR.X also he says that he started a bid on this and the price hit 100crores in dark web and he says that he can help them for a little amount as a reward then Anand agrees with him and ask him a little bit of time. Then Anand make a call and inform the news to his head and arrange an emergency meeting. In that meeting he explains the information and he verify the information from IB (Intelligence Bureau) and shows all the proofs and says that other country intelligence and agencies were ready to buy all that information for a double price then after listening this they said they all get panic and ask him to do anything to stop this then he says that there is a person who can do this but he need a high amount as a reward for that condition all the officials agree and ask Anand to stop that hack. Then Anand ask Alex to stop that hack anyway and then Alex asked him that he need the central access to all the government servers then he arranged everything and make Alex to create a large number of firewalls and set an alerting software and within that time he tries to track that hacker and help Anand. Then the D-Day comes and suddenly the firewalls start breaching then Alex start finding his IP address and Share the location to Anand then he got to know that they are in a moving container on a national highway and catch them and then he got to know that they are the Hackers from Russia and they even involved in many illegal activities for a long time. After all this Anand get appreciated and Alex get reward. They said to Alex that to take money in liquid cash form then Alex asked them to transfer money to his DMAT account and they do as he says then that case get closed successfully. After some months one day a politician make a call to DCP and ask him to come to his house and tell him that some of his money was getting missing recently then he ask to give a complaint and politician refuse that and tells that that money was a loan of a huge amount to start a business and it was stored in some other country banks and that amount is getting transaction without his knowledge and he need his help to find that money then politician also says that if this news was exposed it will be the breaking news and they will start allegation on me so keep it confidentially. Then DCP make a call to Anand and ask him to meet him then Anand says ok and he meet DCP and then DCP explain the case and ask him help in that and also says to keep that case confidentially. Then Anand start investigation and got to know that many politicians black money being robbed from banks directly and he feel it like a challenge and accept the case and start deep analysis and he see that their transactions were all crystal clear and he try to know the mode of transaction but due to some restrictions bank don’t tell him then Anand got a strike of Alex and try to take help from him then he again login dark web and send a message to Alex then he get a call from a private number and that was Alex and he ask Anand to collect a package from a address and he says that is very important for him. Then Anand go to the address and meet a person and ask him about the package then they ask him the code then Alex make a call to Anand and says the code and Anand collect package and move to his flat then he get message to open the package and he open that he found a passport for him and flight tickets and some hotel room keys and then Alex make a call and ask him to catch that flight and come and meet him then Anand says ok and start his journey to meet him then he land on Iran and he go to that hotel and show the keys to the staff then they take him to that room. He use to wait for Alex call then he see a news that a 25years old boy was created a crypto currency called IDM (INDIAN DIGITAL MONEY) which stands on the top 10 crypto currencies and he also see that he was going to start a digital bank without staff then suddenly he got a call from Alex and he asked to enter the car which was being waiting for him then he reached a open area then he see a person there and Anand go and see him closely and he felt shocked because he was the boy who was killed that 8 people then that boy says that he is only Alex then Anand will be gone mad and he will be quiet and he won’t talk anything. Then slowly Anand get adjusted and had a drink with that Alex and ask him why himself helped him to catch himself, then he says that he won’t want to be hide from them so if he caught later he can escape so he help them and he escaped from jail and created a death drama then Again after some years he found that information in dark web and partially make a smooth way to his plan and again contacted Anand and he entered easily into all the government servers and in that all the government order files have been scanned and simultaneously collected the signatures of all politicians and some business man signatures from contract documents and he even get investment from the government itself in the form of reward and that amount was in DMAT account and he invested it many companies and he gained money from that. He also says that he is only the person who was been robbed all the money from the politicians. Then Anand ask what he did that money then Alex says that he was the person who created new type of crypto currency IDM then Anand was shocked and then Alex explained that all their money was invested in that crypto currency and he also says that he was going to launch a digital bank with the block chain technology and auto-update system. Anand felt so angry and beat Alex and Alex laugh at him and ask him to relax and hit Anand then Alex throw a phone to Anand and in that Anand see a account for him with a lakhs of that crypto currency and also says he was decided to help the poor kids and he says he was not robbed people but he just make a robbery from a robber then he ask Anand to be a partner then Anand also says ok and as partners they start their bank and start helping to poor and in crisis. Later Alex become a youngest genius and with his intelligence he increases his crypto value and make the banking sector digitalized completely and create a revolution and from a criminal he become a genius and an entrepreneur.
Author : Aakash kuragayala ( India )
Lable : Inflame Story


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