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"Tears" heart touching short story


Tears heart touching story

Once in Tirupati there was a boy named ram he was completed his +2 and he was preparing for his engineering exams by sitting in his room. Then a small flow of cool air from his window strike him, then he looked out of the window. He found a full moon while he was enjoying the view he got a call from his friend. Then he move to meet his friend who was outside.
Now in Govinda Raja Swamy temple one beautiful young girl was there she was named as sailaja. She was celebrating the Karthika pournami with her friends. As per Hindus belief on that day when ladies left lamps in water, pray for good groom his face will found in moon. Then in the same way sailu found ramus face in the moon, but she don't know anything about that face .But she like him she felt crush on him. Sailu was getting back to home in the same road ramu was also getting back ,one vehicle front light was fall on ramu's face then sailu looked at ramu's face and get shocked . Then sailu slowly walked towards ramu , ramu was not observed her she came straightly and stand before him. Ramu got stunned out because of her beauty, she asked him like this "Let be friends, my name is sailaja then you". Ramu was not answering then she dragged ramu , then ramu answered his name . Sailu asked ramu to give his phone no she took that and she left by saying like this "I will call you later then we will speak each other ". Ramu got his first crush on her ,he was felling everything newly , he reached home his father tell him that he got a phone call from his friend sailu . Ramu was feared and went his room by taking his phone he called her back and spoked for a while .then call completed again a small flow of air strike him from his window he looked at full moon he founds sailu face in the moon .
Later he got a seat in engineering college in Chennai , sailu also +2 completed girl she also joined in same college . Both were take same branch , one day in his class lecturer has given a assignment in that ramu has got best appreciation from his lecturer in his class there was a guy named vicky .vicky felt egoistic and warned ramu to be quite in class without responding for lecturer's ramu agreed . Then again assignment has given to every one ramu has done his work normally in his class no one has completed their assignments except ramu then again he was appreciated then vicky became egoistic and dragged ramu to basket ball court and started kicking him with his friends.
Then sailu has known then issue and she came to spot in a rush and tried to stop them but they hit her and pushed her a side then ramu noticed this and started fighting with them and kick all of them a side and took up the sailu. He went to hospital with sailu doctor told him that he has a small dislocation of bone in his leg then doctor tries to set it in the process ram felt horrible pain , he was shouting then he observed that sailu was crying by seeing his trouble . Ramu started smiling by seeing her like that ,ramu and sailu came out of the hospital and sailu asked ramu that don’t he has any pain when treatment is going on ,ramu said her like this “At my child hood my mom use to cry for me when i was sick , now you are crying for me” .Then sailu hugged ramu and both are proposed each other.   One day sailu decides to go to Tirupati to meet her family .Then ramu dropped her at bus stop he get back to home .Next day morning ramu got a call from his uncle who is father of sailu ,that sailu has not reached home yet . Then ramu got tensed and call her a lot, there was no response from her then his uncle came to Chennai . Both were went to police station and files a missing case for sailu. Then in Chennai a MNC company was launching a world‘s costliest perfume , the perfume was named as YRC . The company chairman Mr .RUTHWIK was attended a press conference in that meet the media has asked him like this that, why their perfume is too special for this world? Then ruthwik answered that their key component of the perfume was the secret for their special and great appearance in market. Then they asked that what is that key component? Then ruthwik tell them that it won’t be revealed, but at the point of his death he will reveal to the world then everyone will be shocked , up to then it won’t be known for the world . Then in ramu’s house ramu was watching the interview of Mr. Ruthwik then his uncle tell him that he will also fill a case in Tirupati for sailu then he moved to Tirupati. Then ramu asked his friend siva who is an police inspector to get the case details for him. Then with a high risk siva brought the case details to ramu. Then ramu decides to start his investigation from the travel agency. Then he went to travel agency with siva . In agency the manager shows them all the details they checked the details. As per the details sailu has not entered into bus on that day but ramu has witnessed that sailu entered into bus .Then siva got a call from his station that another girl was missing as per the same cause . Then ramu moved on his bike to his room and he entered to his secret room under his room . siva moved to control room then ramu called him and ask the phone number of that missing girl then he started tracking her phone but it was not worked out . Then he asked to siva about travel agency details. then he tracked all her call details and message details and by message he confirmed his doubt and moved to his CBI office. In that office he was working in cyber crime department as a hacker . In office he meet his superior and explained current situation what was happening in that city and the missing cases of ladies in the city by same cause . Then ram and his superior moved to control room to meet the city commissioner. Then siva surprised by seeing ramu at control room and drag ramu a side and asked him like this that who is he actually ,he replied that he is a CBI officer. Then superior officer and ramu met the commissioner and discussed about the case and ramu moved to the central system of that control room and shows them a un noticed key point of the case . At the same time siva got a call that there was dead body of a girl and her id was verified by those police confirmed that her name was sailaja , then ramu got tensed and moved fastly to the spot with siva . then ther was a dead body covered with a cloth with a great fear ramu opened the cloth on that dead body face .it was not sailu then ramu got cooled and siva started collecting details of her , then ramu took her addhar id and moved to control room and searched her details then collected her phone no and called to her then there was no reply then ramu found her father phone no and tries then her father answered then he enquired about their daughter ,they informed that their daughter was missing from a week then the cause for her missing is also same . Then ramu called every one for a meeting then he reveals key point that he tracked her sailu no and messages history in that travel agency send a message with her bus details and time and check point in that there was small loop hole that no one has noticed still now that travel agency buses are one hour late but in message it would be send one hour earlier. Then ramu ask siva to go to agency once again and verify the message. Then ramu starts to hack the travel agency server’s .then ramu known that their servers were hacked and controlling by other dark network server. Then ramu asked siva to get back. Then ramu decides to do an secret operation. Then at the same time siva got the information that sailaja autopsy has completed by the doctor in the hospital. Then ramu and siva moved to hospital to get the autopsy report. Then in hospital the doctor informed that her body was dehydrated and tortured by cutting her nails and pealing her skin making holes at ties with the surgical knifes the ramu asked that whether she was affected by sexual abuse or not. Then doctor said that she was not faced any such incidents. She was died due to cut of nerve at her tie then she got a heavy loss of blood. By listening these all things ramu started a fear upon the sailaja and her facing situations right know, then he got remembered his memories with sailu that he use to avoid sailu at some times due to his work ,one day it was sailu’s birth day then ramu came to her flat at 12’o clock he tries to wish her but she was in mood out . She ask him that be with her and spend some time with her in his life then she said like this “At my childhood i got to know that the pain of leaving without my mom now being beside of me you are not suppose spend time with me ,at this time I am feeling the same pain”. By listening her words ramu realize his mistake and gives her a surprise with the arranging of their engagement with their families and on that day ramu has promised her to be part of her life later they were married . Coming to present situation ramu asked siva to take him to a bar to get a drink. Then they will move to a bar and have drink and get somewhat over kick and he fall out then siva carried him to his flat and left him there and moved out.   Next day morning ramu waked up and he got fresh up and called to siva and asked him to come to his flat, then siva came to the flat and ramu explained his idea to siva. Then siva said that it’s is very difficult, but first we have to inform to our superior’s. Then siva and ramu moved commissioner officer, then they explained their idea to him like this that they were planning for an operation with a girl. Then commissioner felt it is dangerous to do then siva said that his sister is ready to do this task and she is an IPS training student also then commissioner accepted to the task then ramu advised to have a tracker at her neck and she was drop at bus stop and siva got back before itself they have booked a bus for her in private travels. Then she entered into bus, bus has started then siva moved to his control room and started tracking suddenly in the way y junction has came then their tracking device was not worked then siva searches for ramu then ramu was not found in the control room then siva called to ramu then siva asked ramu that where is he. Ramu answered that he was moving in out of the city .then siva asked that his device was not working yet. Then ramu asked to track his mobile then siva asked why? Then ramu said that he was following the bus, then siva starts tracking ramu, then ramu follows bus and he observed that the bus moves in to an old factory which was in city outside . Then ramu moved to other side of factory. It was back side of the factory he jumped the wall and moved secretly by hiding here and there, he caught a worker there and hit him he took his uniform and tied him and dragged him a side and moved smoothly with other workers then a supervisor came and ask them to bring the girls to laboratory then they all moved with a large trolley to lift ramu expected that are doing some illegal organ business with girls. The lift started moving downwards they moved to a large room which filled with full of girls one by one took up a girl then ramu searched for sailaja she was there safely but she was unconscious then ramu took another girl and moved to laboratory there ramu went to restroom and he observed a person there and he confirmed him as a doctor in that laboratory and hit him on his head and changed his dress with doctor dress and again dragged him aside and moved to laboratory then in laboratory every girl was getting injected with some drugs then ramu was observing everything. Then they started to peal their skin and cut their nails with knifes, ramu got emotional they are collecting their tears in a test tube. Then ramu got anger on that guys and hit all of them then suddenly one of them started a emergency alarm then a large group of people were came on him they all caught him and moved him to a dark room. Ramu became unconscious fall in room slowly he use to dream like this that those people were doing same things for sailaja . he wake up and get tensed after a few hours the workers in that factory came and dragged him to the middle of the factory and ramu was blinking his eyes. Then a person came poured a bottle of water on him and started to talking with him like this “We have planned it for a year and started this business. How dare you? Our boss came to talk with you”. Then a person with a great look and appearance came near to ramu and he sat in a chair before him and asked ramu that whether he know the executing of their plan in India. Ramu answered no, then ramu got striking his face in mind he is Mr. Ruthwik. Then ramu surprised and ask him that is he Mr. Ruthwik or someone. Then ruthwik tell him that he was correct and started describing process like this “We were hacked every travel server and we were smoothly select a travel for a week and we paint the bus as per the travel and change the bus number plate as per the situation day to day, then when the ladies enter into the bus the air conditioners in the bus will slowly release chloroform through them then the interior jammer will be switched on to switch off their mobile signals then bus will divert from high way root to factory root” . Now also you may have one question that why richest business man do like this? Right. You may know that my company perfume was the world’s costliest perfume it was also named as YRC, you also must know one thing about me that even world was not known that my name was not ruthwik my name was Mohammad Ruthwik. My company perfume was costly due to its key component. The key component is the ladies tears, ramu was shocked. Then ruthwik showed him the recorded video, by saying like this, in my college days I use to work in lab then I invented a new drug it was not announced outside its great nature was its give a special effect to their tears by releasing hormones in tears by ducts by that tears we can prepare perfume which will have a great nature of smell. So, for that I started this if we ask anyone to give their tears it would be our madness. So I like to plan like this, now I started working on male tears I will try it on you. Ramu looked a side and observed that sailaja was moving to laboratory then ramu became unstable and broke the chair and started fighting with those workers and took a phone from his shoe heels and call to siva ask him to enter into the factory with his force. Then siva entered with his battalion to the factory. Ramu moved to laboratory and saved sailaja from those doctors. Then ramu hand over the ladies to siva then searches for ruthwik. Then ramu seen that ruthwik was escaping from there with his security, then siva give him a riffle and ask ramu to catch him. Ramu chased him and caught him in another unit of the factory, there ruthwik security was started fighting with ramu then ramu kicked all of them aside then ruthwik said that as I am muslim I have a habit of reading from right so my company name was CRY for me but it was YRC for common people by saying like this he was try to escape then ramu shoot him on his leg, then ruthwik fall down and he use to cry then siva and others came to the location then ramu asked to leave him for 5 minutes, then ramu started making holes on ruthwik hands. Ramu ask the ruthwik to know the pain that ladies felt these many days then siva and his staff caught him and moved him to court later. Then ramu moved to hospital to meet sailaja then sailaja was in ICU after some time she was moved to another room in hospital then ramu met sailaja .then sailaja ask him that did he miss her or not then ramu hugged her and cried and kissed on her fore head, then their parents came to see her , up to now even sailu don’t know the ramus original job. After some days later ruthwik case was came to hearing then ramu prove his illegal business with proves and ruthwik’s company was shut down and court offer him death. While moving from court ramu hugged ruthwik and said him like this “In epics great antagonist also will die in hands of normal people due to their mistakes with ladies in your case you have done business with ladies tears without any fear then think of your consequences you have to face”. We should also know the value of our tears so we should not cry for silly things in our life, there must be a though reason mainly don’t make your ladies to cry who are with you because their tears mainly brings the biggest worst time in your life’s. It was not told by me it was said by elders. so, please don’t waste your tears in life. Then one day while he was in office he was called by his superior. He was offered better job in CBI then his superior said that his call letter was sent to his house already he thanked him came out then ramu strike a thing that call letter, then moved to his house with a tension then he reached his house he entered into his room then sailu was sitting with that letter. Then ramu moved to her she say to stop and ask him the reason that why he has not tell her the truth these many days, then they both sit and talked for a while and decides to get transfer to Mumbai then ramu applied it and they were started living happily there then ramu got a new mail with a code language then ramu moved to his store room and open a NIA named box and moved out on his vehicle with a weapon. Then story of a spy was started… As per the Indian mythology girls tears are power full, In every epics like Ramayana, Mahabaratha are basically linked with the sadness of the lady characters and their tears will plays a key role.
For example in Ramayana Seeta was faced many problems, Ravana plays a key role in her problems so he was expelled in the hands of Rama .In the same way in Mahabaratha Droupathi was teased by by Kouravas .They make her to cry so they were expelled in the hands of Pandavas. pandavas also didn't reacted in the situation so later they were also expelled . For writing any story the key lines will be taken from the Indian epics itself .As the book was written by Indians or others the stories key point will be in our epics .Such great epics were in India only. Authour : Aakash kuragayala (India)
Lable : Inflame Story


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