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In late 2000s in India, there was a rich business man. His name was NADENDRANATH, he owns so many companies in the country. In his business he used to get cheated by some of his opponents, but he never-mind them. Once his companies biggest project files were been robbed by killing his staff ruthlessly, by this incident NADENDRA got so disturbed and decides to do something to stop this.

Then once he called his close group of business man to a party and he conveyed that he was decided to start an own secret agency. Then everyone asked does it need, then he said that it is for my company safety and protection from mafia and opponents. Later he offers his friends to join in this. One of them asked that does government give permission for like this agency. Then NADENDRA says that he will manage everything.

After few days NADENDRA calls an ex-service man RAJEEV SING to his office and shares his idea and ask him to help in this then RAJEEV feels like to help him and says ok. Then he used to take the best candidates from ex-service and with his influence he used to get the list of best candidates of trainees in military and he use to offer them the jobs. Like that NADENDRA starts an agency with a name “SYNDICATE SECRET AGENCY” then after he arranges a secret office for them and supply the good equipment for their work with a team of 20 members the team is prepared and as a first-task they are assigned to kill the goons who are helping the opposite companies. Then one day they execute the plan and kill the goons and they escape from there and get back to their office. In this way NADENDRA successfully start his own syndicate secret agency later some of his friends are also decided to be part of that agency. Then suddenly one day government got to know about this agency then he wants do something. He started using his influence then he got to know that Indian government is struggling to catch a terrorist then NADENDRA and RAJEEV got an idea and decides to meet the RAW chief and ask him to give a chance for grabbing that terrorist. NADENDRA got a chance to meet the RAW chief he explains the situation, even chief want to do the job smoothly so he gave them a chance then NADENDRA send his team and grab that terrorist and handover him to RAW chief and ask him a favour that he want to meet the president. RAW chief says ok later NADENDRA meet the president and explain him about the secret agency he runs and he explain the strong motive of the agency and promise that agency always ready to help the country and he ask to close the file about this secret agency investigation. President thinks a twice and make an agreement with them. The story moves to present, in Mumbai in a cold storage at midnight suddenly a shootout starts and a huge fight starts between two gangs. One of this gang is belongs to syndicate agency and that gang was leaded by Chanikya. He orders his team to blast the main circuit board. Then his teammates break the main circuit board then suddenly it’s become silence chan team uses the thermal glasses and kill that opponent gang. And later on they uses the car head lights and drag all dead bodies and opened the container of that gang in that container they found some boxes in that they see some large containment of drugs. They drag all the boxes and in some other boxes they found some weapons then chan order his team to take all the weapons and load them in their vehicle. Later chan fix a small bomb to that dead bodies and moved from there then after few minutes a huge blast will happened and become a breaking news of that night. In the middle of the journey one of the chan’s teammates ask him that why he collected all the weapons. Chan says that its for future safety as the correct time arrives you will get to know. He droped his teammates on a national high way and he gave them a car and moved from there later he goes to a huge car wash and moves back side of that car wash area by giving that car for a person there he enters into a room and then moves into a secret place using a small door that place is filled with the most sophisticated weapons and systems then he goes to his system and enter a message and send it and goes to a sofa and sleep on it. Next day in morning he woke up and get out of that room and moves to another room it’s a garage and he called Munna who is a close person to him and ask him to divide the weapons and arrange them with in hour and he get ready to go out and move out with that loaded car and go to a fully crowded area and leave that car and take a jeep and moved to a near by bangle shop and meet a person and move inside the shop and meet his chief and salutes him later he introduce chan to the RAW chief and start discussion about chan next mission. Raw chief gives a file to chan and start his explanation that recently in Delhi a DRDO chief scientist has been brutally killed and robbed some most important files of his new inventions. Chan asked about that Inventions then chief says that a huge arc reactor with nuclear fusion has been designed for the nations unlimited electricity those blue prints were been missing. Recently as per intelligence reports we got to know that in Persia they are making a huge deal with the Russian mafia. As per the mission rules you has to find the dealers and stop the deal and you has to rob those blue prints and from Persia and you has to move to America then your next mission will be assigned there. Then chan accepts his mission and move from there to his garage. He called his team and ask them to get ready for the world tour with action. Next day he says munna to be in touch with him and he takes a car and moves to air port then he give his car keys to a person and he enter the port and then he got a call he lifted it and he got to know that it’s chief then his chief says that there is another person going to join in his team and he cut the call. Then he met his teammate in the toilet and give him a cover and order him to distribute to everyone then by seeing the tickets he says that everyone has different flights then he says that whatever happens mission should complete. If one of us miss nothing will happen but if everyone of us got stuck into some incident and miss then mission will destroy so for that do as I say. Then he complete the process and he will be waiting for the flight in the waiting hall then he get his flight and beside his seat he will meet a person who looks too rich and smart he will introduce himself as Roshan ask chan about him then chan replies his name as Vishal and give a small smile and chan tries to avoid his company so he tries to read books but he got disturbed by Roshan singing then he orders his dinner then Roshan orders a lot and drinks a lot, later he feel discomfort by the journey and vomit on chan then chan get so irritated and ask air hostess to change his seat and he cleans his shirt then next day he lands in Persia and from there he moves to a hotel and he makes a call and he will be waiting for the parcel then he get a parcel in that he has the details of a new teammate and mission details and some more things then he see the photo and get irritated because that teammate is non another than Roshan his flight partner who made his journey as a horrible nightmare. Chanikya send a message to his team and in that message, he mentioned the time and place of meet and in evening he left the hotel and moved to meet his team then Roshan feel shocked then chan ask Roshan about his techy skills and ask Roshan to scan that deal location and the full details of that building. Then he introduced his team to Roshan 1st one in team is Abhi and 2nd one is Mathews and third one is Murthy. Then Roshan says that he got all the ways of entry and exit points in that building then he got a call from chief, then chanikya get the weapons from a courier. Then they ask about that place then chan says that it’s a safe house. Next day in morning chan explains the plan to his team and ask Roshan to stay in safe house and they move to the location then Roshan starts giving instructions then they move to the back side of the building and enters into the building then they got to know that the deal is done then he chased that another gang his team catches those another gang and kill them. Then he followed then they stop in the middle of the way and catches chanikya then they take him to their boss then he gives that blue prints and files to chanikya. Chanikya ask him why he is giving all these things easily then he replies that his name is kriston and take him to a room and ask him to sit and ask some questions related to mafia and the world mafia groups. Then he says that in U.K one of the mafia gang has started a own company board for mafia to do it in a systematic way then they sent invitation to all mafia groups to join in that board maximum number of groups are going to join in next coming few days then chan asks that why he is explaining all this to him then he says that in India recently we got to know that there is a secret agency which is running successfully in that you are the best agent so we want to make a deal with your agency so we make that gang to rob those files and make you to come here. Then chan ask that what is the need of us and he also says that their agency work only for good cause. Kriston says that they need help from them and also says that he belongs to a Europe secret service then chan ask him that what the help they need then kriston says that they are going to make a lager network of combined secret services so for that chan has to arrange a meeting with the founder of syndicate then chan ask for a second and make a call to his chief and explain him all these then chief ask him to wait for a hour then chief move to nadendra estate and meet him and discus about the proposal then chief make a call to chan and says ok and ask him to get that person to India then kriston says ok and move from there with chan and next day they land in Chennai then chan get into a car with the kriston and ask him to leave his security there from there chan take kriston to a slum area and meet a person there and enter into a butcher shop and inside that kriston see a secret area belongs to the syndicate and that butcher is also a agent.

Then nadendra meet kriston and ask about his proposal and ask the details of that then they got to know that there are nearly 5 secret services which were working for the peace then kriston shows files of each secret agency then 1st one is Europe secret service this service is work for government contacts and 2nd one is yours syndicate and 3rd one is a cuba agency and 4th one is black dog agency and 5th one is soviet security agency. Then nadendra make an agreement with all that agencies and kriston also says that syndicate is the oldest secret agency among all these so India is going to be the main hub of our secret agencies union then nadendra says ok and then kriston leave the place with chan and move to airport. After few weeks chan get a call from kriston, then kriston says that there going to be a greater addict of drugs in maximum countries then chan get tensed and ask the details then he says that the uk mafia board is distributing a large number of weeds and some other dangerous drugs which even develop a different type of cancers. Then chan ask about that containment details then he reply that they don’t know anything more than that. Then chan decide to find out the further details from the local dealers he moves to Pondicherry and meet the local dealers and they say about big dealer of the east cost then he went to meet him. He started investing about him in his area then that dealer got to know about chan and send a group of people to kill him then chan try to act and escape but they didn’t make it happen so he kills every one with a sharp screw driver and directly move to the hide out of that dealer and all his goons start attacking on chan then he fight with everyone and move to dealer then he hit the dealer and make him unconscious and take him to the port and take him into a container. Then chan make him woke up and ask him about the containment then that dealer says that it’s going to get unload in krishnapatnam port then he asked him that is there any other places that other containments are going to unload he says no then he killed that dealer and call to raw chief and give the details of that containment and ask him to make a search and ban those containers. Then raw chief informed to the navy officers of that port and make them alert and next day the navy officers make a big search of that containment and ban those containers successfully. Later after some days nadendra was died due to some health issues then to see him many great business people and main agents of syndicate were came to see him for one last time then chan observe roshan there then he got to know that he was the son of nadendra and next head of that syndicate. He went to him and console him then roshan ask chan to stay with him chan say ok and stay with him until the funeral complete. Roshan arrange a room for chan and stop him then next day chan woke up and move out of his room and meet the roshan then roshan says chan that he has to stay here only and he going to lead the syndicate then chan says no then roshan explain the reason behind his decision. The main reason behind the syndicate establishment is chan father, he is an employee in his father company and he is killed by some of the goons so for him syndicate is established and later it turned into a secret agency. After listening all these chan can’t say no he accepts his decision and take up the position of syndicate and roshan use to deal with his company business.

Author : Aakash kuragayala ( India )
Lable : Inflame Story


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