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Seule Love

Seule Love

Seule Love

It was their wedding anniversary. Lucy was excited in the preparation of dinner and she was eagerly waiting for her husband, Nick to arrive home. The time was around 9:00 pm when Lucy heard the sound of her doorbell. She moved quickly and she opened. Nick appeared and in an instant he carried Lucy and swirled around in happiness. "Welcome home, Nick!" cheered Lucy. Nick dropped her down and said, "Glad to see you, honey." They kissed each other and Lucy said, " You remember what's special today, don't you?" Nick, who was in white outfits, said, "How could I forget? This is the day when I found an angel!" He hugged her and Lucy said, "You will stay with me forever, won't you?" Nick smiled and said, "I'll be with you always." "Alright," said Lucy, "Wait, I will finish the cooking." "Hmm...I think I could help you." said Nick as he moved back of Lucy to the kitchen. "So, you want me to cut tomatoes?" asked Nick as he sat on the slab of the kitchen. There was a refrigerator to his right. Lucy gave a half smile and said, "I know that you will hurt your fingers. So, I don't want you to cut." "What a caring wife!" exclaimed Nick and they laughed in unison. "How could I let my wife cut? Won't she get hurt?" asked Nick. "What a caring husband!" exclaimed Lucy. Nick sighed and said, "Lucy, what will you do when a knife cuts me?" Lucy looked surprised. "What happened, Nick?" "No, I'm just asking" Nick sighed. "It's quite easy...I will do first aid..." she said uneasily. "Ah, thanks." replied Nick. Lucy looked strangely at her husband. Then, she began to concentrate on her dinner. Meanwhile, Nick got down from the slab and opened the refrigerator. Chill air hit him. Like a child, he tried to enter in. He took ice cubes in his hands and went in. "Are you a child?" asked Lucy. Nick came out and said, "To enter an ice filled box, you need not be a child, Lucy." Once again, Lucy looked surprised. Yeah, she knew that her husband is funny. She ignored him and prepared dinner. She finished her cooking and said, "Let's eat, shall we?" Nick thought for a second and said, "Nope. Let's dance!" He caught hold of Lucy's hands and brought her out of the kitchen to the living room. He found a tape-recorder and turned it on. Pleasant romantic melody played. Nick caught Lucy's waist and in other hand, he caught her right hand and began to dance. At first, Lucy wasn't in an intention to dance. But, on seeing her husband happy, she decided to dance. They danced for almost ten minutes and they stopped. "This will be our best dance" said Nick as he hugged Lucy. Lucy hugged him back and said, "This day will not be forgotten." "Yes." said Nick as they kissed. "So..let's have our dinner, finally?" chuckled Lucy. "Yeah, sure." said Nick, "Finally." Nick sat on their dining table and Lucy went to the kitchen to carry the vessels as well as the dinner to the table. She took them and returned to the dining room. Nick wasn't there. She sighed and said, "Don't play Nick!" There was no reply from Nick. Where did Nick go? "Nick?" said Lucy as she kept the dinner on the table and looked for her husband. She searched everywhere in her house but she couldn't spot Nick. Suddenly, there came a doorbell sound. "Oh, Nick. Stop playing" Lucy said as she opened the door. It wasn't Nick. It was a policeman. "You are Lucy, aren't you?" he asked. "Yes..." said Lucy. Lucy found an ambulance closer to their gate. Why an ambulance? "What's the problem, sir?" asked Lucy, The policeman looked at her eyes and said, "Sorry to say this. Your husband,Nick was murdered by someone with a knife." Lucy's heart shattered to pieces on hearing that. From the ambulance, the body of Nick was brought down in an ice box. It was all Lucy's imaginations. Nick's questions regarding cutting him with a knife and he entering the fridge all are hints. Lucy lost her husband on their wedding anniversary. Lucy stood still with rainy eyes.

Author : Naveen Kumar ( Tamil Nadu, India )
(Instagram Handle : @naveen_the_writer_)
Lable : Inflame Story


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