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Spreading AIDS

Spreading AIDS

Disclaimer - Adult content. Reader's discretion advised. Neel teases, "ooohhh... Naaaaiinaaa..." "Darling... I'd like to enter your heart..." Neel continues to make lewd hand gestures with lustful facial expressions. "We are here... where are you going?" teases Neel's companion Moksh. Another friend says, "I can give you a lift on my bike only if you hugged me tightly... condition applied..." and everyone bursts out laughing. While crossing the street, Neel and his gang of four companions always make filthy remarks about her, making Naina uncomfortable. Naina, as usual, pays little attention to them until one of Neel's friends grabs her dupatta, scaring her to death. The entire gang whistles in pleasure as they see Naina's terrified expression. Naina snatches her dupatta from the air and flees till she feels safe enough to go in a public place. She dashes to the restroom as soon as she enters her office and sobs her heart out. She was unable to cope with them and was unable to complain to anyone. She was aware that Neel is the son of a powerful MLA from her village; they are powerful people, and she comes from a small family whose parents rely on her wage. They will be waiting for her again in the evening when she returns home, she knows. She is helpless because there is no other way to get back to her house and avoid the gangster Neel and his gang. She has to face them every day and every evening. It is embarrassing for Naina at times, but the public ignores her pleas and the incidents that occur around them. Neel and his powerful MLA father are feared by everyone in the area. Every day, Naina has to cross the street, facing Neel and his gang, go through the village bazaar and walk roughly 2 kilometers past the village to the bus stand, where she boards a bus to the city, where she works at a company and returns home by 8 p.m. "Hey, Naina..." says Moksh. "She is so beautiful..." Neel started fantasizing about her. Naina was never seen wearing a saree before. Neel was ogling at her bosoms and fair waist. He was checking her out from curvy waist to rosy full lips. As soon as she approached the street corner, Neel grabbed Naina by the waist and began running his hand around her stomach and waist, touching her in all the wrong places. Naina sobbed and pleaded with him to leave her alone. After a few minutes, he let her go. Naina ran, with tears flowing down her cheeks while adjusting her saree to cover her properly herself. Naina was returning to her hometown after attending the company's yearly party. She arrived late today due to a delay in the commencement of the company party. It was at ten o'clock at night. As a responsible daughter, she called her parents to inform them that she had just arrived at the bus stop and would be home in 20 minutes. The two-kilometer walk from the bus stop to the local bazaar was in the dark. All of sudden, from dark woods, Neel and his gang seized her and wrapped a cloth over her mouth. They lifted her by her hands and legs. Naina fought desperately to escape for her life, but she couldn't break free from their grasp. Neel's companions had a firm grip on her hand and legs. They dropped her in the middle of a field, where no one could see her, and no one could hear Naina's help. "Please, don't do that..." "Please..." pleads Naina, realizing Neel and his gang's intent. Neel and his friends were making fun of her, then Neel grabbed her saree pallu to undress Naina. Naina tried to flee, but the gang had surrounded her in all directions, leaving her no room to escape. Naina folds her hand and falls to the ground at Neel's feet. "Please let me go..." she sobs incessantly. "I will only let you go after we penetrate your body and pleasure every inch of your flesh," grins Neel. Neel undresses himself while his friends help him in undressing Naina. They rip apart her blouse and throw away her saree. He was on the verge of bending over Naina... "Yes... Yes... You've deserved it, bitch. You deserve much more worse," "YOU BITCH..." Arnav shouts with raging eyes staring at Naina. Neel and his group were perplexed to see Arnav in this location. Moksh and his friends grab Arnav, while Neel maintains control over Naina. "What brought you to a stop?" "Neel... I want to hear her sobs and see her feeling helpless," Arnav grins. "What happened to you, dude?" Moksh asks. "She is the bitch who gave me AIDS," yells Arnav. Everyone in the village is aware that Arnav has AIDS, but no one knows how he contracted the disease. When Neel and his group heard the word AIDS, they were taken aback and shook themselves off Naina's body. "Please do not leave. Punish her... punish her... I'd like to watch her cry. Bitch needs to be raped and punished," Arnav exclaims as Neel gets dressed and his friend prepares to escape. Everyone was afraid that they, too, would catch AIDS. As soon as Neel and his gang were out of sight, Arnav covered Naina with her saree, "Sorry for faking you having AIDS, as it was the only way to save you..."

Author : Luvv A Sanwal ( Ahmedabad, India )
(Instagram Handle : @luvvasanwal)
Lable : Inflame Story


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