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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

"Arnav's birthday is today, Bahu. Make the Gajar ka halwa. It's his personal favorite," Maa makes a request. "Maaji, I'm exhausted right now. In addition, we're going out to dinner and will be late getting home. He's not going to eat your gajar ka halwa," Naina responds with a straight face. "Maaji, I'm leaving. Please prepare a meal for yourself," Having said this, Naina leaves the house for the restaurant. Arnav and Naina had a fantastically romantic time at the restaurant and on the long drive. Naina had planned a special surprise for Arnav's birthday, which he loved. "I love you to the moon and back. In my life, no one is bigger than you," Arnav smiles. "Me too," Naina blushes. Both cement the moment with a day's kiss. They arrived home at 1 a.m. "Are you still awake, Maa?" Arnav inquired. "Beta. For you, I made gajar ka halwa. It's your special day," Maa smiles. "Not right now, maa; I'm complete and tired. We'll have it tomorrow," Arnav entered the room after saying this. "I informed you, maaji. He's not having it. Why try to impress him with your gajar ka halwa? uhhhhh... What kind of a total mess have you made in the kitchen? I'm not going to clean right now," Naina remarks. Maa didn't say anything, but she packed the gajar ka halwa in the box, put it in the fridge, and cleaned up the kitchen. Maa returned the next morning with the same excitement and smile, bringing gajar ka halwa for Arnav's breakfast. "Who eats halwa for breakfast, Maa? Furthermore, you completed it yesterday. It would have gone stale. Simply throw it in the trash or give it to the maid," Arnav responds bitterly. "Beta..." exclaims Maa. "Maaji, please. Don't make him do it right now in the morning. Please don't ruin my morning mood," Naina interrupted. Maa kept trying to help Arnav and always been there for him, but every time, Arnav pushes her away or tries to get rid of her with some excuse. It went on for months and years. Until one day, Naina suggested leaving Maa at Oldage's house so that they could live out their lives free of Maa's intervention. Arnav was persuaded by it because he, too, saw Maa as a burden and a lot of interference in his and Naina's life. They couldn't live openly at home or go to parties without feeling ashamed because Maa couldn't dress to their standards. "Pack your belongings, Maa. I'm dropping you off somewhere where you'll be able to make friends your age and be comfortable," Arnav says. It didn't sound like a regular conversation at all. It seemed more like a decision her son had already taken. Maa didn't say anything, not even a single word of protest. She packed all of her clothes and possessions quietly, with a lot of emotion concealed inside her heart and tears under her eye glands. They arrived at an old-age home. Maa couldn't say anything and couldn't look Arnav in the eyes. "Hello, Meena. Is that you?" says one elderly lady. Maa raises her head and smiles as she recognizes the elderly lady. She was her friend Lalitha, who worked at a hospital when they were both young. "Hello there, Lalitha. How are you doing?" Maa smiles. "I'm all right. Is he your child?" Lalitha inquires. "Yes," Maa says, a little hesitantly. She didn't want to shame her son at the nursing home. "He came here to drop you off," Lalitha continues. Maa nods, her heart heavy. Lalitha arrives at the main gate just as Arnav is about to leave the old age house. "Hello there, beta. You are Meena's son, aren't you?" Lalitha smiles. "Maaji, you are right. You've met my mother," Arnav responds. "Yes, indeed. I've known her since the day you were born in the hospital. I worked as a nurse in the same hospital at the time," Lalitha continues. "You came to leave her at this old age when she wanted you the most," Lalitha says sternly. "With all due respect," Arnav says, "it should not be a worry of yours." "It is, and I will say whatever it takes," Lalitha says sternly. "How could you forget the time she looked after you day and night when you were sick with malaria?" "How could you forget the time that your father died as a result of his excessive alcohol consumption and it was your mother who did all the hard work to feed you both?" How do you forget how she used to work 18-hour every day just to pay for your education? "How could you forget the time she sold her gold ornaments to fulfill your extravagant wish?" "How could you miss the times when you could enjoy life simply because your mother worked hard every day at every age?" "How could you forget the time she did it on her own when none of her family helped her in times of need?" "If you think you earned your career, your house, and everything else, beta, I'm sorry to say you had your mother behind you every step of the way, encouraging, loving, caring for, and inspiring you..." "She, too, stayed awake when you were studying for your tests, and she, too, stayed awake until you arrived home safely after working late at the company," "She did so much to you, and you just forgot everything in one moment, just to live your life and leaving her when she needed you the most." "You don't know, but now you should..." "You owe her your life..." "You were abandoned by your real parents at the hospital immediately after your birth," "Meena was working as a maid at the time at the hospital and since she couldn't be a mother of her own, she took you to her home as her son," "She is not your biological mother, but she is your mother by soul," she says. "What life would you be living if you had been abandoned when you needed a mother the most?" Lalitha asks as she walks away. Arnav was left with tears in his eyes and the heartfelt sorrow. He rushes inside and falls on Maa's leg to beg forgiveness.

Author : Luvv A Sanwal ( Instagram Handle - @luvvasanwal )

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