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Exactly, 10 Am.

 Roads of Delhi are blocked. It’s a busy morning. All the people were staring at the cars which were only moving on the clear roads. The whole traffic is jammed because of a special person. Generally, a special person is maximum a political personality. Yes. You're thought is absolutely correct. Its prime minister. He is attending a press meet. He is the youngest prime minister ever and talented too. it is going to be a most interesting press meet ever. 

All those cars stopped at a hotel. The hotel is covered by the security. Crowd of people were excited to meet him. security helped him to cross the crowd. It is all set to begin the function. He is allowed a mike to speak. 

"Good Morning! Delhi. I am a casual man like you. If I am interested to attend this 
function, I can't because I am not eligible to step up can't even take a single step inside. That is my position and that is my status. I am very thankful to be here in this position. Thank you! People for choosing me. It’s my turn to come to you. You can always meet me personally through social media or directly. I'll be always there for you to solve your every single problem. So, the media over here, you can start your questions."

"Sir! Who is your inspiration? Is there anyone behind your success?"

"Yes! My inspiration is always my mother SARITHA. She is the only person behind my success. She is my support system."

"Sir! Can you describe your mother? How she encouraged you? what thing in her 
made you inspire?"

"I think a day is not enough to say about her. But I'll say shortly. My mother born in Nizamabad, Telangana. She was born in a poor family. My grandmother has four daughters. My mother was the last one. My grandparents performed marriage of first two daughters. Third daughter is physically disabled. She can't work properly. My mother has a desire to get educated. But my grandparents are just a farmer’s. They can't afford higher studies. So, she went to a government school and completed her primary education. As per the family financial position she can't find a route to finish her secondary education. After few days my grandfather got a paralysis stroke. He settled on a bed. The situation of my mother forced her to work as a labour{working women}in fields. She worked day and night for her family. Hard work pays off right! My mother's family is better now. So, without a hope about future she got married my father. My father was a business magnet those days. My mother's married life started with a lot of happiness but, it doesn't carried till the end. Due to some person my father business was smashed like a wrapper in the road. At this vulgar situation I was in my mother's womb. We lost all my properties our home, cars, money, gold everything except my parents wore and a photo of ABDUL KALAM garu. My father's friends helped us finding a new 
home. This issue made my father to go into depression. My mother tried very hardly to bring him back to normal. He came but not completely. He started drinking alcohol and smoking cigar. 

 My mother never warned him to stop drinking. Because she is feeling his pain 
not his habits. One night my father didn't reached home. My mother sat near the 
door and waiting for him. Few hours went off, my mother started suffering from 
huge pains. There is no one to take her to hospital. My mother even don' t have a 
phone to call an ambulance. She realised that no one will save her. She came out 
and searched for help. But there is one. So, she took a piece of chalk and written on 
walls that "I am going to hospital if possible come to hospital" and hurried to the hospital. By seeing her in that situation even a person not came forward to her my 
mother. By holding all the pain she ran to hospital. She reached the hospital at a 
peak stage. The hospital staff understood the situation and performed operation. Finally, I came out. My father came to hospital at morning. Both my parents felt happy to see me. But the problem was started because of me. We came home. 

Now, the responsibility became more and it forced my father to search a new job. He started approaching companies for a new job. It is very hard to find a job. After six months of his trials, he got a job of a less salary. He don' t have an option to reject the job except accepting the job. He accepted and started doing the job. Again, everything became happy and joyful life till I am 3 years. It’s time to start my education. My mother asked my father to join me in a good school. We can't offer him education with this salary my father replied. But my mother not compromised. My mother convinced him and my father agreed for my education. The very next day, they joined me in a school near to my home. After few years, my school fee started increasing with my age."

"it is the last date to pay the due fee. But we don't have enough money. my mother 
informed my father many times to pay the fee but, he ignored and spent those money for buying alcohol. My mother reacted severely, on his neglegancy. He said me to stop studying and go to work so that we can earn money. My mother listed our conversation and scolded my father for advising me to go to work. She challenged my father that.

"You don't want to bare our child fee anymore. And I'll never ask you for the 

"Then from were you'll pay the money?" My father asked.

"I am going start my own business at home." My mother replied.

"Business? what kind of business? Is it a saree business? Bull shit! After all a fifth 
standard passed out women starts up a own business. This is the joke of the year." My father laughed.

"That is none of your business. SMRITI IRANI she dropped her studies at class 12, now she is India's Human Resource Development minister. You're the die hard fan of SACHIN TENDULKAR right? Do you know how much he studied?" My mother raised the questions.

"Yes! I am a huge fan of Sachin. I think he studied up to graduation." My father 

"woah! I think you completed his further higher education. He just studied up to 10th standard. Now, he is the great cricketer. I know I am not better than your education. But I am better than the knowledge you have. Don't judge a book by its cover." My mother rocks. 

"I am not allow you to do that? You're not supposed to do that business." My father 

"Who asked your permission? What else you can do you can do. what should I do I'll do." My mother replied.

"I am giving you a day time. You have two options are me or his education. You decide yourself."

My father walked out by saying these words. My mother felt very bad for the situation she had. She cried inside a lot. She controlled her cry because of me.

I went to her and asked "Mumma! Will I go to school tomorrow?"

She replied with a smile "Yes! My boy. Do you have interest on studies?"

"Yes! Mumma! I love studying. I am promising you that I will become a great 
Politician. You don't worry about me." I replied.

"You're my good son. Mumma and Daddy always loves you. Make daddy proud with your study ok?" She said.

"Sure Mumma! I will also love you so much." I replied.

The very next day, My mother requested our head master to give some time and he 
granted a time for a week. My mother started making pots, glasses, gods idols, few 
toys and flower vases with mud. She makes it in half day and other half day she goes to door to door and sells all those. She started earning 200/- per day. These news went to my father and he shouted on my mother. She not spoken a single word. He went on shouting but, she didn't cared about it. At last my father cooled and asked my mother

"So, you have decided that he is important than me?"

"Who is he? He is not your son and not my son. He is our son. I don't know whether you have responsibility on him or not. But I have. So, please don't even think to stop me. I don't want even a single paisa from your salary. What you want to do with it, you can do it happily. You asked that he is important than me? right? 
Now, I am saying you listen, Yes! He is important than you." My mother shouted.

"I will also see how you educate him. Now, I am saying listen these are divorce papers sign it. I am going to start a new and peaceful life. Oh! Sorry! You don't know how to sign right! Take this ink and keep your fingerprint here. Take it!" My father forced her to sign.

Because of my education and my future she kept fingerprint on the divorce papers. My father left the house with all his belongings. I cried a lot by holding my father. But he pushed me away and walked out. My mother hugged me and said "Daddy is going for another village for earning money for your education. He will return back when your education is finished. You go and sleep tomorrow you have attend the school right? Go."

From that day, my family of three reduced to two. After two months, my mother fell down in an evening after I returned home. I waked her up by sprinkling some water on her face. She woke up and asked me for some water. I gave her some water. After, that me and my mother went to hospital. Doctor said that, my mother was pregnant of 3 months. We went back to home. I asked my mother about her condition. She replied that I am going to have a brother or sister. I was wondered 
and started caring and helping my mother. When I am 7th standard, one night when we were having dinner my mother had severe pains and she is un controllable. I am worried and went out for help. Luckily, I found an auto driver standing with his auto I called him. He came with his auto and we took my mother to hospital. Doctors took my mother inside the operation theatre. Me and auto driver sat out of the operation theatre. My position is like a Half-boiled egg, either 
we can't eat it nor throw it. Driver uncle consoled me and boosted confidence in 
me. After a hour, doctor came out and said it's a baby girl. I wondered and jumped 
with happiness. Nurse came out with my cute reddish small sister and gave me. My 
hands shaken with happiness and drops of happiness fell down from my eyes. After a few minutes we came home with the help of auto driver uncle. Few days went off, and my mother's entire equipment of making mud arts such as poetry was completely damaged by someone.

She didn't found an option except searching another job. So, she went out to find some job. While walking on the road she found a man sticking the poster on the wall. She stopped to know about the poster. It's an advertising of a cab company. They have shortage of cab drivers and they are hiring some cab drivers. She found cool water in a desert. She learnt driving in her past by her husband's help. This opportunity is felt like the slippers on the thorn roads. She knocked the door of that cab company for the job. They asked her about her educational skills and talents. There demands were a driver must complete there secondary education or at least 10th standard. But she just completed 5th standard. She requested them and they were convinced. They liked my mother driving skills and discussed about the salary. The salary and date of joining is fixed. My mother started driving cab and 
started a new kind of trend in the market. I too found a job as a paper boy to become a helping hand for my mother. One fine day, my mother went to pick up a person that was accidentally my father. He was shocked by seeing my mom driving the job. He tried to cancel the drive. Then my mother said

"Are you shivering to travel with a lady driver? Sir? Oh god! When this business 
mans started fearing of women."

"I am not canceled the drive. Start the engine." My father irritated

My mother dropped my father. He walked by leaning his head down and my mother returned home with proud. After few years, our position is much better from past. My little sister grown up and from this year she used to go to school. I was completed my schooling and got a free seat for studying higher education. My family again turned to happiness. But, suddenly cab company has aa huge loss and lost all the money including cabs. Again, we thrown back to past. One day, when I returned home after my college my mothering singing a song for my sister with a beautiful voice. Her song was so melodious and relaxing. The neighbour's of us came out from their houses and surrounded my house. They all clapped for my mother's song. Some of them recorded videos and posted on social platforms. 
Many went to news channels and tv shows and gave the videos of my mother's song. Few gave advertisement on newspapers. The very next day, many white cars surrounded my house. A man dressed white was surrounded by few guards. Those guards have guns with them. I was shocked by seeing him. He was our state chief minister. He came talked with my mother. He gave us money, clothes, vegetables and an invitation. We thanked him for helping us. He left. I took the invitation and realised that it was the invitation for my mother to sing a song in the program of held by chief minister and the prime minister of our country is the main guest. This program became a benefactor to my mother. I explained my mother by a great joy. But my mother was nerversed. I cooled my mother and discussed about the program how it turns our life. 

The day came and they picked up at home in a car. We reached the program place and met chief minister. Chief minister sir took us to Prime minister sir and said about us clearly. Prime minister spoken with my mother and enquired me about my education. He promised us that he will support as at any time and sanctioned a new home for us. We thanked him for his help. The program was started and we sat beside the Prime minister. I was so proud that I met him and sat beside him. My mother singed the song with a great feel and melodious voice. Everyone their including with Prime minister were melted with my mother's song and gave her a huge round of applause. From that moment, my mother epitome for singing. She got many opportunities and became a popular and favourite singer all over the world. Then the actual thing which i was waiting for was happened. That's my father, he came to us one day with a bag.

"Saritha! Saritha! Come out! please!" My father shouted.

My mother came out and called me. "Dhruv! Bring a chair and give him a glass of water. Also, ask him what he want."

"Not needed! I came for you and our kid. I did a big mistake by leaving you alone on that situation. I am really sorry for that."

"I think now we don't want you. Do you know when you left me, I am pregnant. 
She is our daughter now she is 3 years. And do you know one thing, during my 
pregnancy pains dhruv took to me to hospital. There is no one to care me." My 
mother cried.

"I am really sorry. I did a blunder mistake. Please forgive me and allow me come 
inside." My father cried.

"According to law, we were divorced. Children should decide that were and with 
whom they want to live. Let's ask them." My mother shouted.

"Dhruv! Think twice and say your decision that you want your father in to our home or not?" My mother asked me.

"Father! Do you remember me? But I remembered you. Because my mother never 
said a single letter wrongly about you. Even my little sister know about you. Do you needed these many years to say a single word sorry? Oh! I think you want money for drinking alcohol right? That's the reason why you came back. We don't want a person who cares us like father. Because, we have a mother, father, grandparents, relatives in only one form that is my mother. In everyone's life there are many people. But we have all of them in my mother. She cared us in all ways. If my mother accepts you as your husband, then we both don't have any problem." I cried.

"Shut up! Dhruv! This not the correct way to speak with your father. You go inside, tomorrow you have an interview right! Your father will drop you and your sister from tomorrow. Also, take him inside along with his bag." My mother compromised.

I asked my mother why she forgiven my father. Her reply was, "whatever he did,  what else had happened, whatever he is, the truth is he is my husband and father of you right! The person who love his loved ones he is the good person. A person who loves his enemy he is the great person."

Even now, my mother not stopped her hard work. She is now writing articles, poems, biographies for her writer job. She applying for a writer job. I requested my mother to stop working and just relax. She said "I educated you and your sister. But, there any many people like us suffering out. So, my aim is to educate the children and help all the needy."

"Now, I am here as a PRIME MINISTER. Because of my mother and her braveness. This is DHRUV signing off."

"Life wont stops at one edge. You should step out of darkness and search for a bright light."

"Don't lose important people with small things of happiness.

It destroys your life with sadness."

Author : Sneha Kantipudi (India) 

Lable : Inflame Story


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