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January twenty first the calendar says. I rolled my eyes then shrugged, turning around towards the veranda of my room. A sudden knock came from the door followed by a call, "Amelia ? Amelia dear wake up now will you. They are now preparing for the feast." I ignored my aunt and bolted for the edge of the veranda. The door then opened with a loud bang as my aunt yelled hysterically, "Don't you dare do that again Amelia." However, it was too late; I leaped from the veranda and landed on the grass down below. Any sense of worry was not met when my body's already used to this habit of mine and who cares, my room is just on the second floor of our mansion. A series of shouts and yelling came from inside and before they could catch me outside, I ran as if my life depended on it.

A wave of satisfaction washed over me when I reached the gates. I halted for a moment and a silly laughter escaped from my lips. My entire family was boiling with rage and they knew they could not stop the devil in me anymore. I kissed them goodbye as a sign of my full departure and ran again, just in case they have found a way to captivate me for this day. 

I stopped running when the mansion vanished from the view. I panted heavily and felt a bit dizzy from the rush of adrenaline that conquered my entirety. I buckled my knees and tried to control my breathing, Wiping the falling sweat from my forehead, I peered at my pocket watch and was glad to see the time. Sixty thirty is not that bad, we still got plenty of hours . 

I straightened myself and jumped away from the sidewalk deciding to walk in the middle of the road towards my destination. Sunlight touched my face as the frequent chirping of the birds created a melody, which sounded like a song for best wishes. The trees on my side were standing still not until a rush of wind blew its leaves. Strands of my hair escaped from its tie and I spread my arms welcoming the phenomenon around me.  Childishness outgrew my age as I started to skip along the road and hummed myself a jolly symphony. Realizing what I have done, I laughed again, clutching my stomach when it began hurting. 

My state of trance was stopped when a wagon appeared from afar. I dashed away from the road and tucked myself along the sidewalk once again. Apprehension rose from my feet slowly moving closer to my brain as the wagon approached nearer.  My fists were clenched and I whispered a prayer nonetheless, the wagon paused before me.  A man in a long fine suit and a hat opened the wagon's door before greeting. "Hello there, would you like to take a ride?" "Oh, it is you dashing as always aren't we?" I replied sarcastically.  The man tipped his hat in return and a purple smoke emerged in the air. I recognized the feeling once again but this time I did not resist.  

The smoke sent a rotten smell in my nose as images started to swirl in my vision. I staggered a bit but I held my ground as waters rushed down my feet. I looked below and saw a reflection, there goes the monster I built from sins, regrets, and tragedies flashing right before me.  A black hole trying to suck my spirits away and strip me out from existing. I should have been screaming with fear and abandoning my dignity but the light in my chest embraced me in. 

Storm troubled the skies and I let the rain of blood pour over me while shadows crept all over my body. Curses were chanted in whispers and screeching, tears rolled on my cheeks but one thing is for sure I will not give in, not now or even in the coming days. Hands of the unknown clawed for my chest throwing a grain of salt on scars and opened wounds. Deep in the abyss, my heart still beats loudly. I focused upon its weight and gravity pulling all the strings towards me for it is mine to take and my decision to make if I give it away. The horrific sensation vanished and I am back in the world of many.  

The man in a suit bowed his head and said, "I see you have bloomed out from your gloom, may you continue to age like a fine wine." I was about to give a retort but then he continued, "Hmmm, and the  contradictive resistance matches your mischief it makes you unique." I gave him the finger and said, "Well see you next year with your bag of tricks and reflective wizardry." Maybe I have befriended my enemies, turned night into day, and saw the  beauty in flaws but I am still imperfect anyway. "Watch out for the blood that betrays, liberty comes with a price." The wicked man warned and I nodded my head in return. I clearly understood. 

The wagon disintegrated along with the man, his session was done. I sighed and wished the next victim good luck. Drained from the encounter, I swayed a bit when I continued walking along the sidewalk. An eerie silence enveloped my surroundings but then a familiar voice shouted my name running towards my direction. He also carried a light in his chest and when we collided, we became brighter than the sunlight. "Happy Birthday!" He greeted.  

Birthdays and celebrations used to be a constant reminder of illusions and pent up emotions while bending principles in the midst of glorified treachery. Such a waste of time is a pure misery. However, when light crossed my path and decided to stay, awful things became miraculously bearable. 

Hand in hand we walked, I have arrived at my destination.

Label : Inflame Story

Author : Shawna Aikyo


  1. You have a good point here!I totally agree with what you have said!!Thanks for sharing your views...hope more people will read this article!!!


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