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"The Child" motivational short story

The Child 

Written By Aspen Knudsen/Kitty Moor3, Idaho (United States)

   On a day, like any other day, God called  his top angel Michael to the throne room.

“What is it my Lord?” Michael asked

“I need you to go to earth and find a baby.” God replied.

“A baby? Is earth really that bad again?” Michael asked confused.

“Yes. Protect that child but let them experience all the suffering of the world at a young age and bring help if you must,” God smiled at Michael and handed him a blue lotus, “at some point you will need this.”

Michael desended onto earth and came to find it was indeed in turmoil. The people of the lands had lost hope in the divine and in the process lost touch with eachother. The baby, he was soon to find, was sadly experiencing it all just as God requested.

As the baby cried and starved in his crib Michael could only feed mana to the baby to keep it alive. When the baby grew and was abused Michael found the baby seemed to find comfort in feathers. So he left many around the baby as often as he could. When the baby grew into a child he noticed the lights fade from the child’s eyes, but a penny could bring back that magic even if only for a short time.

As the baby grew he became agressive and felt completely alone. The child turned to the devil and Michael cried as his feathers stopped being noticed. When the child was a teen he gained many addictions and Michael felt lost when pennies became something the boy now threw away like trash.

At this point Michael could no longer see such an innocent soul fall into darkness and he returned to God.

“God I cannot stand by anymore! This child has so much to offer the world! Why make him suffer any longer?!” Michael cried.

“Its about time, I was beginning to worry. Now, I don’t doubt your powers but, tell me have you asked your brothers for help?” God asked.

“My Lord, I defeated my own brother with my sword. I think I can handle a human child.” Michael contested.

At this God laughed, “As I said I do not doubt you, as you have kept this child alive all these years. But is Raphael not the master of healing? Is Gabriel not skilled at showing my word to man? Is Metatron not praised for his sacred knowledge? You have fought many wars but like those wars, like that child and even like myself the best work cannot be done alone.”

Michael was hurt but he pondered on this thought as even God needed his angels and mankind to keep his kindgom strong. He called upon his brothers and asked for their help. Each one felt a pride in their skills and missions as angels as Michael sent them each off with a task.

Michael now knew this man very well and knew just what was needed. With Raphael’s soothing voice singing to the man as he slept he began to heal the broken parts of himself.  Gabriel sent the man amazing visions of a future Michael had heard the man pray about when he was only a boy. And Metatron sent sign after synchronicity to the man.

Then came a day the man was full grown and he had all the blessings life had to offer. He was a humble and kind man because of the pains he had gone through. The man was a motivatioal speaker and had many followers.

He preached hard work and success, but never did he mention the angels. He stopped worshiping the devil but kept his pentagram, believing it had been the pentagram that helped him for all those years. Michael and his brothers felt a bit of pain from this. Michael decided one night to leave a feather for the man by his bedside.

The man at first disreguarded the feather but a shiny penny next to it made him stop. He looked up and saw 1:11 flashing on the clock and became scared- it had just been 8:34. By this point Michael could stand it no longer and hugged the man.

The man, never seeing an angel before, jumped up screaming. All the brothers appeared around the man and held him tight.

“Who are you monsters?” The man screamed

“Do we look like monsters to you?” Michael laughed.

“No- you look like angels. But that’s impossible.”

"So was overcoming those self destructive tendencies.” Raphael replied

“Or being with the girl in your dreams,” replied Gabriel

“How about all those numbers I sent you?” Metatron added.

“I’ve been alone all my life! What kind of angel would allow the suffering I’ve been through?!”

Then God spoke in the man’s mind, “oh child do not be angry with my angels as if it was not for them you would not be here. It was I who placed you to suffer, it was I who allowed those things to happen and it it is I alone who should take your anger. However you should ask Michael what I sent him with when I first heard your cry as a baby.”

The man looked to Michael and the angel’s words sent chills down his spine, “a blue lotus.”

The blue lotus- like those that started popping up many years ago always when he needed them most. When he went to rehab the Blue Lotus was it’s name, the CPS case worker who got him out of his abusive home life always wore a blue lotus pin and even his wife whom he loved very much had a blue lotus tattooed on her arm. The pentacle fell from the man’s hand.

“Nobody can do it all alone but my kindgom- your kindgom- has never forgotten you. You were never alone.” God replied.

After that night the man continued his life never feeling alone again. He stopped praising himself and began sharing what he’d learned about the angels. He found many people had also experienced their presence and the angel’s work seemed to go much further then himself.

Before Michael went to rest with his brother’s God called them all to the trone room. He showed them a ball of light.

“Whats that,” Raphael asked while Metatron chuckled.

God joined the angel of sacred knowledge in laughter,”That my children, is the light you shared with the world. Without you they would be in darkness and I would be very bored with nothing to do. Never forget the importance you have to mankind and I’ll never let them forget the powers you have with them"

Label : Inflame Story

Writer : Aspen Knudsen/Kitty Moor3, Idaho (United States)


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